Call Your Senator Now! – February 10, 2009

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This clock reflects the taxpayers’ (YOU) debt BEFORE the stimulus bill of 8 or 9 TRILLION DOLLARS.

The Senate is voting right now on the stimulus bill that will heap massive debt on us, our children, our grandchildren and who knows how many generations beyond that. We all know from our private lives that no one gets out of economic troubles by burying everyone in debt. Whatever happened to balancing our budget?

When Obama talks about bipartisanship, he means that Republicans should march in lockstep with Democrats and stop the debate. He thinks the other side of the aisle should abandon their principles and core values (and common sense). In so doing, the result would be a one-party government, which certainly is NOT BIpartisan.

Gov. Crist (R) of Florida just introduced the President and endorsed this stimulus bill saying that we need to improve infrastructure, we need to improve our schools, we need to improve healthcare. OK. What has that to do with a stimulus bill? We are currently trying to jump start the economy and that should be the only goal with this particular bill. The other issues should be handled separately. Trying to fix all the ills in our communities do not belong in this bill. Those are to be dealt with separately.

We need to help those suffering mental illness and the homeless. We need to pay our military higher salaries. We need to stop illegals coming across the border in droves. We need to stop the drug crisis and it’s resulting carnage. We need to stop sending money to foreign countries who have no right to our hard-earned tax dollars, especially when we need it here at home. We need to stop the expensive perks of our elected officials, like their private jets. We need to stop appointing tax evaders to high positions in governments. We need to upgrade our criminal investigation labs so that innocent people are not convicted.

All these things are wonderful and needed goals, but should they be added to the stimulus bill? Of course not. The same is true of so much that’s been added to the bill. Those things need to be addressed separately.

The borrower is the slave of the lender. It’s a new kind of “plantation” mentality, this time not implemented by the white population. So many citizens (and non-citizens) will be dependent on the government, that freedom is swept away.

It’s not an “either/or” solution. There are lots of legitimate steps that can be taken to re-balance our economy, but they won’t buy votes for the next election cycle and they won’t pay back their previous supporters. So this stimulus bill is going to pass and be heaped upon the backs of the same people who think they will benefit from it.

The Senate and Congress, and yes, the White House, need to hear from all of us right now. If they do this anyway, we can at least say we did our best to keep our elected officials in check. “Of the people, by the people and for the people” – the people in politics – not “the people.”

Fight the good fight. Our country is worth it.

Oh, and did I mention that national health care has been quietly “snuk” in to this bill? You’re about to suffer government running your health forever. Hello, Mexico! We’ll be running across the border in droves to get health care that we can’t get in America. Canadians that have been running to America now have much farther to travel.


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