Congress Passes the Peacock Bill – February 06, 2009

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Congress has passed the Peacock Bill written by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pres. Obama says he is pleased and wants the Senate to pass a similar Peacock Bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to ram the bill down the throats of the American taxpayer and get the bill on the president’s desk by tomorrow. Republicans are refusing to sign on to this bill stating that they cannot support massive pork spending. This angered Pres. Obama, who is not accustomed to being told “no”. He spoke at the Dept. of Energy tonight, mocking Republicans for calling attention to the pork spending, saying that, of course, there are earmarks in this bill and when has there ever been a bill that did not have earmarks. Never mind that he campaigned relentlessly on “change” and doing things a new way, rejecting the old politics.

President Obama admitted that the Republicans were right in calling this a spending bill and said that “spending” was the whole point. He failed to recognize the difference in types of spending, namely, one type designed to actually stimulate the economy and the other type designed to give Democrats every pet project they’ve ever dreamed of over the last ten years, which have little chance of stimulating anything except Democrats.

Democrats put the pork in and they can take the pork out. Obama can force them, if he has the will to do so. The fact that they don’t, shows that they want all that pork. Mr. Obama should stop brow-beating Republicans for not passing the bill. If he wanted the bill passed, he and the Democrats could cut out the pork right now and pass the bill with Republican support. They may even get a few taxpayers’ support, as well.

Obama is proving that he is a rookie in over his head. He’s been standing back allowing others to do the heavy lifting, stepping in to scold those who don’t fall in line immediately, writing op-eds, and appearing on Muslim television.

God help us.



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