Reward Failure – February 04, 2009

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Obama rode into the White House on the tidal wave of gushing cult-like fans who have NO CLUE. The very people who forced America into the current economic crisis were rewarded by being re-elected and given complete control of the White House, The Senate and the Congress. Republicans in Congress and the Senate, and the much hated President Bush tried very hard to stop the fallout before it happened. They had the intelligence to see what could happen and cared enough about this country to do what is right. But the Dems fought them, ridiculed them and poured gasoline on the fire, turning it into a raging global economic meltdown.

Now those same Dems who mismanaged everything they touched are telling us that we have to trust them to fix the problem they created. They’ve ruined Social Security, the education system, healthcare, the banking industry, the housing industry and the tax system. Now they want to socialize everything else. Federalizing our banks, our oil industry and Wall Street will result in Hugo Chavez style government and America will become a third world environment.

Ask Venezuelans if they believe they can achieve real success and live in freedom like we do, under the power-hungry and greedy Hugo Chavez, who throws them a bone now and then to keep them from revolting and to make himself look charitable.

I would have said, “Not on my watch,” but the number of bimbos who don’t pay attention and don’t even care, now outnumber the rest of us and can elect any rock star messiah they fall for. We like sheep have gone astray. Or in today’s vernacular, we’re a bunch of lemmings rushing off a cliff with a smile on our face.


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