Democrats Are Not Held to the Same Standard – February 03, 2009

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Democrats in Washington supported former Sen. Tom Daschle as Obama’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, even though Daschle had multiple tax evasion problems and lobby-like relationships with the very health-related companies he would be affecting in his new position.

The mantra in support of Daschle, and Timothy Geitner, Obama’s choice for Secretary of the Treasury with tax problems of his own, has become, “he’s uniquely qualified”, “he’s the best man for the job in this crisis” and the old favorite, “his DECADES of service”. Then there’s New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Obama’s first choice for Commerce Secretary, who had to withdraw under a federal investigation because his political donors received a lucrative transportation contract. Let’s briefly mention Nancy Killefer who was appointed by Pres. Obama as chief White House performance officer who would be charged with scrutinizing government spending. (hahaha! Now that’s a laugh.) She had to step down from her position at the Office of Management anad Budget due to unpaid taxes. Obama had boasted that she would help “restore the American people’s confidence in their government.” (hahaha! An even bigger laugh.)

None of these people seem to be headed for prison, but have been surrounded by Democrats’ loving support and defense of their little “embarrassments”, ” hiccups” and little “speed bumps.” Their decades of service to their country and unique qualifications have made their tax evasions less than illegal, somehow. Could it be for one reason alone? That they are all Democrats?

Remember Sen. Ted Stevens from Alaska? He served his country for over fifty years – over five decades – and served his country in World War II – a veteran. His tax problems cost him his Senate seat and disgrace, and he had to turn himself in to authorities after being indicted. Why the different treatment? Sen. Stevens was a Republican. No presidents or prominent politicians called his illegal behaviors a hiccup, a speed bump or a little embarrassment. No one clamored for him to retain his position citing his decades of service to his country.

“D’s” are not subject to the law. “R’s” ARE.


Don’t be duped!


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