GUN RUN!!! – January 30, 2009

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A quick note:

Just heard a news story on a local Houston radio station.

The greatest surge in gun sales in this country’s history began before Obama was elected, spiked up sharply before Obama’s appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General took place and is continuing to rise as Eric Holder talks about gun bans, severe restrictions on the sale of guns and a plan to number every round of ammunition manufactured here.

American citizens cherish the Constitution which guarantees the right to bear arms. Period. No qualifications. No if’s, and’s or but’s. The right to bear arms. To protect us from criminals before the police can get there. To protect us from enemies that may attack our cities or towns before the army and national guard could respond, and more importantly, to protect ourselves from corrupt governments and dictators (tyrants) if such an unthinkable thing should ever happen. A scrutiny of world history shows that it’s never impossible anywhere in the world. Rome once had a democracy, but did suffer under tyrants at times.

Write your representatives and tell them to fight Holder’s gun bans and ammunition restrictions before it’s too late. If he is successful in killing one Constitutional Amendment, what’s to stop the Obama administration from killing another, like Freedom of Speech (the Fairness Doctrine, designed to silence talk radio in opposition to Obama and the Democrat Party.)


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