Freezing Inauguration – January 19, 2009

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Wunderground stands for weather underground and can be visited at It’s a “wunder-ful” place to find current weather conditions, average, normal and record temps of the past, and the forecasts. Just choose the city and state and click.

The forecast for Obama’s inauguration day includes a low of 16-17 degrees which will certainly chill the bones of the new president who has vowed to stop global warming with measures that will certainly “chill” our economy, not to mention, unlikely to make much difference in Earth’s temps.. He’s on record saying that he will institute such a strong cap and trade policy that the coal industry will be bankrupt.

Washington’s bone chilling 17 degree weather on inauguration day/night is below the average temp for Jan. 20 which is 24 degrees F. The high for the day is expected to be 31 degrees, a full ten degrees below normal.

With all the global warming propaganda, it’s surprising to note that the record high temp for Jan. 20 was 70 degrees F way back in 1951, when the country didn’t have nearly as much industry and not nearly as many vehicles on the roads emitting CO2 in the air. There weren’t as many light bulbs burning, fancy washers, dryers, dish washers, televisions or computers running back when the record high temp was set. On the flip side, Washington’s record low temp for Jan. 20 was -2 degrees F set as recently as 1984, after these things had increased.

But Obama, Al Gore, and all the GW train riders will continue to cripple our economy, deprive Americans of their own country’s resources and place a steep burden on the backs of the people, all the while ignoring the freezing cold they endured this year and last, even on Obama’s inauguration day. They will ignore the statistics that are screaming “global warming is not happening and is not a crisis.”

DON’T BE DUPED AND DON’T BE COMPLACENT! Fight for Right and fight for the freedoms we have left.


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