Obamobile Not a Prius! – January 14, 2009

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The Presidential Obamobile is NOT a Prius! Why not? A Caddy is considered a fuel-INefficient when driven by you or me. Obama has appointed a Socialist climate-change czar (note the term czar is a controlling figure, not a democratic figure), who will dictate to us what we may and may not do, and what we shall and shall not do. Obama is above that, though. All monarchs are above the law.

It’s a case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

You and I should object vehemently to his appointment of a Socialist, especially after he and his campaign denied his Socialist statements and ridiculed the right for pointing them out.

We should also object to the obscene cost of his coronation in the “worst financial crisis since the great depression”, according to Obama.

I’m sure no one wrote to their Senators, Congressmen/women or the White House during the month of December. It would have been useless. No one would have read them. BUT you must write now. Start the year off by becoming actively involved in your own future. The Obamites won because of their strong activism (read that ACORN). Conservatives can not hope for a better future if they passively accept everything coming out of Washington. Grumbling is not enough. Every month, you must do at least one thing for the future of this country, your kids and grandkids and yourself. Write your reps now before you forget.



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