The True Nature of Democrats – January 06, 2009

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It’s appalling to me that Sen. Harry Reid has blocked the seating of the new senator from Illinois. Not that I have any affection for the Democrat, Sen. Roland Burris, appointed to fill Obama’s seat by the duly elected Gov. Blagojevich, but I do have great affection for the rule of law and sticking to the rules. The way the government is supposed to work is being circumvented by Sen. Harry Reid, who obviously sees himself as God or dictator. He must abide by the laws of our government and yet he is NOT, with the complicity of his fellow senators. They seem to think that if we, the people, elect someone, who then attempts to do their job according to the law, they can block that for whatever reasons they choose. That’s appalling.

They are using the excuse that Mr. Burris was appointed by a governor who is being investigated for attempting to sell that senate seat. It’s true that Blago is being investigated, but in America we are innocent until PROVEN guilty by a jury of our peers. Blagojevich is still conducting the business of the state of Illinois as a legally elected governor who has not been proven guilty, not been convicted and has not been impeached or even censored by the authorities who have the power to do so. The senate did not call for a special election to fill Obama’s seat, nor did Obama himself. Therefore, to serve the interests of the people of Illinois, who have the Constitutional right to be equally represented in the Senate, the governor must appoint a senator to fill the open seat. He did just that and has the authoritiy to do so.

Blago chose someone who has been elected to other positions in Illinois several times, has been active in Illinois politics for years, is well known to the people he will represent, is an African-American like his predecessor and a Democrat like his predecessor. As far as anyone knows at this point, the newly appointed Senator Roland Burris is not implicated in any investigation or scandal and therefore, a rejection by Harry Reid is unconscionable. Legally, it is not within Reid’s purview to select the representative of Illinois citizens, nor to reject him.

No one has heard all of the tapes of Gov. Blago’s phone conversations about the senate seat in question. He did NOT sell the seat, because U. S. Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald, conducting the investigation, stopped the process before Blago could carry out any illegal notions he may have had. The sudden halt of the phone tapping and the arrest of Gov. Blago resulted in a failure to find out who else might have been involved, who else might have paid for a government position and just may have protected some well known characters in the Illinois scene.

There are a number of reasons to suspect that other big-name politicians from Illinois might have been exposed, yet Fitzgerald stopped the undercover investigation and revealed his hand. Now the rats have hidden in the walls in safety. Was this a blunder by a so-called “brilliant” prosecutor or was he purposely protecting ‘BIG NAMES”, POWERFUL PEOPLE OR BELOVED CELEBRITIES? We may never know.

In the meantime, our government should and must function the way it was set up to function. We must not allow Harry Reid or any other pompous politician to circumvent the laws of the land to craft the scene to benefit himself or his party. A precedent must not be set, which would allow future such actions. Imagine if the day came that an enemy of Reid was elected or appointed to a senate seat and the precedent had been set to ignore the law and bar them from being seated. The U.S. Senate could be loaded with cronies and no one else need apply.

If you want to protect our republican form of government, you should make your voice heard on this matter. Contact your senator and demand that they rein in Harry Reid or at least make it too uncomfortable for Reid to proceed.

If and when Gov. Blagojevich is convicted of anything, then his actions as governor will be curtailed. Not before. We don’t punish innocent people just because we think they may be guilty of something. He is innocent until PROVEN guilty. If that basic foundation of our laws falls to Democrat Senators’ whims, we are ALL IN TROUBLE.



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