Russian Peter the Great – November 24, 2008

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Earlier stories of Russian naval ships coming to Venezuela and then participating with them in joint naval exercises in the Caribbean waters reported the dates to be the first week in November. However, news stories of November 23 now report that they have not yet arrived and will be in Venezuela within hours.

Russia is sending their nuclear-powered cruiser, Peter the Great, a destroyer and some logistical vessels. Two warships will visit Venezuela’s Port La Guaira on Tuesday and joint exercises will begin Dec. 1. The Russian President should be there Wednesday, as part of his Latin American tour.

While I don’t like this at all, I was more worried when I thought these ships would be docked off the coast of Cuba during our elections. President Bush is still at the helm and paying close attention, I’m sure. What isn’t being reported is how long the Russian and Venezuelan ships will remain in the Caribbean. Will they leave while Bush is still the Commander-in-Chief or wait for Obama to take office?

We’d better keep our eye on this situation.


The Russians want to search for oil off the coast of Cuba in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Great. Everyone around the world can drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico except the United States of America, whose shores are lapped by Gulf of Mexico waters every day! And the brilliant voters of the U.S. handed Congress and the Senate right back to the same loons who are guilty of preventing America from drilling, leaving those riches and power sources to Russia, China, Venezuela, etc. – communists, socialists, human-rights violaters, dictators. Good work voters!



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