We can Win in 2010! Part 2 – November 09, 2008

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What every Republican can do to shift the balance of power in Washington, D.C. in 2010.

JOIN A REPUBLICAN CLUB: like the Repub. Women’s Club, Young Repubs. Org., college Repub. clubs, local Repub Party Org.

START A REPUB. CLUB IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: such as those mentioned above or try a new idea like a Repub. Book Club to educate voters. Read books about our founding fathers, our country’s history, our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage, bios of important and influential people, socialism, Marxism, Communism, Capitalism (Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman), revolutions in other countries and other movements that influenced the direction of a nation, the writings of Saul Alinsky (Reveille for Radicals, Rules for Radicals). This man influenced many to become community organizers and lock segments of our society into a particular voting block (Democrat/Obama).

An educated populace is less likely to make the mistakes of the past and can recognize the tactics and the pitfalls of socialism, Marxism, Communism and other such movements by charismatic leaders. It wouldn’t hurt to read books about the effects of different religions on society. Read the documents that our country rests on: The Constitution, The Amendments – Bill of Rights, Letters written by our founding fathers, important Supreme Court Rulings like Roe vs. Wade and others that shaped our society.

Your club can meet as often as you all decide, choose the books to be read by your next meeting, then discuss them at the meetings. Books can be taken anywhere and read at any time. Meetings can be held at the same place every time or not. In one person’s home or rotate among the members’ homes, in restaurants like La Madeline’s in a room in the back, so you can have a meal together, or in neighborhood clubhouses, etc. For variety, you can watch a movie together on these topics. It might be fun to have a movie night once a month to include the members’ families. Plan a July 4th activity.

START REPUB. CLUBS FOR TEENS OR CHILDREN to educate them and inoculate them from falling for every new/old fad, charismatic leader that routinely comes along and tries to change our country’s fundamental form of government. It may even prepare them to withstand the brainwashing that sometimes occurs in college. There are lots of fun ideas that can be part of a club for children. You can take children and teens on field trips.

Many people are Democrats because their parents and grandparents were. They’ve never thought about comparing the two parties and their platforms to see which party best represents and best executes those policies that are best for the country and their personal lives and freedoms. Clubs are a great way to open their eyes to new possibilities.


To be continued….


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