Troubled Waters in Caribbean? – October 22, 2008

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The Caribbean crisis could quickly escalate after a new untried president takes office, if Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, known to be cozy with aged and ailing Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba in our very close backyard, decides that he wants to control Cuba, a notion that is not difficult to imagine.

With Russian arms and four Russian navy ships at his disposal, a quick attempt to press the resolve and test the mettle of an inexperienced Pres. Obama, could result in a Russian-backed Chavez regime setting up missiles in Cuba aimed directly at American cities. Both Castro brothers may agree to Chavez’s overtures or simply be ill-equipped to rebuff their suitor. Chavez has spent billions of dollars of Venezuela’s oil revenues buying arms from Russia, while Castro drove Cuba’s economy into the ground. They have little to defend themselves against Chavez’s regime.

Of course, Fidel Castro has a history of inviting Russia into Cuba and seems to welcome Hugo Chavez’s visits. Quicker than a sudden economic crisis could throw the whole world into a total financial meltdown in two or three days, Chavez and Putin setting up house in Cuba could throw America into war over night. This war would be on our own shores in our own cities and towns. Our children would see the horrors of war up close and personal.

God forbid this should ever happen, but it’s a distinct possibility. If it ever ocurred, Iran would take full advantage of America’s predicament, fighting a war at home, in Afghanistan and in Iraq simulatneously, and carry out Ahmadinejad’s promise to wipe Israel off the map. Some in the world would celebrate that America and Israel were finally annihilated and no longer a force to hold back their world domination.

Some in Hollywood would celebrate until they learned the hard way that Chavez is no one’s true friend. He will continue to amass power and wealth to himself, and lacking true morals, the ends justify the means. The means being rounding up and dispensing with dissenters who don’t want to see their country end up with a dictator who killed democracy and freedom. The rest of the world might fall to extreme Muslim regimes without the aid and support of America.

The face of the world could change dramatically and very quickly if Americans aren’t careful in their selection of president of the biggest and best democracy in existence, in this election and every future election. Some in this country need to remember that it’s this freedom and democracy that affords them the opportunity to be activists, exercise free speech, pursue whatever career they choose, own property, be the master of their own destiny, king of their own castle and elect their own leaders. Socialists always get votes by promising to end poverty, a goal desired by all whether left, right or center politically. But not all share the same views of how we get there. Not all accept the notion that the ends justify the means. And some recognize that socialist leaders always ruin the country and allow dictators to emerge.




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