Obama’s Going Global – October 18, 2008

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All those clamoring for change will get exactly that and more if Obama is elected. But they don’t realize just what kind of change they’re in store for nor how much it will cost them personally. Obama has BIG plans for THEIR money.

When Joe the Average American (Plumber) asked Obama about his tax plan, Obama slipped and revealed what he really planned for America. Something most Americans don’t consider the “American Way.” Redistribute the wealth. Every citizen and company will report their earnings to the government, who will determine how much they need. If they make more than they need, the government will tax them heavily and distribute their money to people who DID NOT EARN IT. As Obama so eloquently put it, “Spread the wealth around.”

Whose wealth? He’s going to spread YOUR wealth around whether you like it or not. He believes someone else should have your wealth because you have as much as he thinks you need. He isn’t GOD YET!

That is old news. Here is what you may not have heard yet. Taken straight from Obama’s web site:

Obama and Biden will

(1) substantially increase our aid to the Americas AND

(2) embrace the Millennium Development Goal of cutting extreme poverty around the world in half by 2015, AND

(3) they will double our foreign assistance to $50 billion to achieve that goal.

Joe the Plumber and at least half of America was alarmed to hear Obama say that he was going to spread the wealth of some Americans around to the rest of the Americans. Imagine how Joe and friends will react to learn that Obama plans to spread the wealth of those same Americans around the world in ginormous handouts.

Obama objects to the $10 billion we spend helping Iraqis in poverty, but the Palestinians will be high on his list for American bailouts. He gave them $70,000 through his friend, Rashid Khalidi, when he was a fellow board member with terrorist Bill Ayers for the Wood Foundation. If he sits down with Iran’s Ahmadinejad to hash out our differences, will he try to buy good will? Does anyone believe he won’t elevate the living standards of his many brothers and sisters in Kenya, even though he has no known history of doing so with his own money so far.

Americans are the most generous people on the planet and already come to the aid of every country that suffers a great catastrophe, some that suffer famine and some that are experiencing genocide by their own government. Already, millions are allowed to come and pursue the American dream from all over the globe. But to “spread the wealth” globally smacks of something else.


The Millennium Development Goals is a United Nations project. As of September 25, 2008, their “report finds significant progress in providing debt relief to the world���s poorest countries, but not in fulfilling trade and development aid commitments. Donors will need to increase their development assistance by $18 billion a year between now and 2010 if they are to meet their previously agreed pledges.”


Visit the UN’s web site


to read more from the Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters.

They’re holding meetings around the world discussing the following topics:

Revenue’s Role in the Quest for Inclusive Development

Tax Aspects of Domestic Resource Mobilisation (sounds a lot like wealth redistribution)

Tax Avoidance and Evasion as an Impediment to Development

A Fourth session of the Committee of Experts will meet in Geneva October 20-24, 2008. I wonder who will represent the American taxpayer in those discussions. I would like to send Joe the Plumber.

There is no more time to do nothing.


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