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From the 2008 VP Debate Oct. 2, Thursday night:

BIDEN: You’re very kind suggesting my only Achilles Heel is my lack of discipline.

BIDEN: Others talk about my excessive passion. I’m not going to change. I have 35 years in public office. People can judge who I am. I haven’t changed in that time.

(Barak chose Biden to run wtih him on the mantra, “Change we can believe in.” Agents of change???)

Biden: And, by the way, a record of change — I will place my record and Barack’s record against John McCain’s or anyone else in terms of fundamental accomplishments. Wrote the crime bill, put 100,000 cops on the street, wrote the Violence Against Women Act, which John McCain voted against both of them, was the catalyst to change the circumstance in Bosnia, led by President Clinton, obviously.

(Biden mentions “the crime bill” and putting 100,000 new police officers on the streets, which was part of the “Crime Bill” of the Clinton Adminstration in 1994! Fourteen years ago.

On Feb. 14, 1995, Stephen Moore, Dir. of Fiscal Policy Studies testified before the Committee on the Judiciary – U.S. Senate in opposition to this Crime Bill during the Clinton administration. There was a huge effort to reform the $30 BILLION bill described as loaded with pork and accused of efforts to “federalize crime.”

Here are a few of his statements:

Moore: …critical of virtually every provision of the bill: the pork-barrel nature of the $10 billion of “prevention” programs in the crime bill, the gun control provisions, which we regard as an affront to the second amendment, and the efforts to “federalize crime.”

One of the most remarkable moments during the Senate debate over the crime bill occurred when Senator Russell Feingold, the Wisconsin Democrat, eloquently explained that he was voting against the bill because it was a violation of the federalist principles upon which our Constitution is founded.

I will summarize in five points the case against the spending in the crime bill:

1) The crime bill is packed with record amounts of pork barrel projects and social welfare spending.

2) Social welfare spending is a proven failure at preventing crime.

3) Cities with high crime rates already far out-spend the rest of the nation.

4) There is no justification for the federal government building prisons for states or paying for city police.

5) the money that Congress seems so eager to dole out to the residents of states and cities on their behalf comes from the taxpayers of states and cities in the first place. New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D) argues correctly …”federal aid is a zero-sum game: some states win, some states lose. If every state could be a winner, why not pass a $300 billion crime bill?”


This testimony only dealt with the spending provisions of the bill. We face a similar situation today with the Congress voting on another gigantic pork bill to prevent “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Notice that Biden didn’t mention anything current that he has accomplished. Every example he gave was from the Clinton Administration and some of them were fourteen years ago.

Biden’s office drafted the Violence Against Women Act, again of 1994. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_Against_Women_Act

Bill Clinton: Many of the best ideas in the bill were ones contributed by both Democrats and Republicans: to put 100,000 police on the streets, to keep violent offenders off the streets with longer sentences and “three strikes and you’re out,” to prohibit juveniles from owning handguns, to ban assault weapons, to provide innovative …”

The bill provided grants to cities to hire more police. Critics said that 100,000 police in a country of this size would make little difference. It’s fine to add them, but not worth bragging rights.

The Heritage Foundation pointed out that The Crime Bill only provided seed money, placing an unfunded mandate on states. The bill provided one-fifth of the funds needed to keep 100,000 new police on the street for the next six years, leaving the states holding the bag for the balance. This amounts to placing one police officer in every police department across the nation.

The only other acomplishment Biden took credit for was the Violence Against Women Act, also of 1994. He offered nothing current, nothing newer than fourteen years ago. He told us that he has not and will not change. Great! Obama is running as an agent of change and chanting “change we can believe in .” Remarkable!

Of course, Gov. Palin has no federal bills, but she has provable list of accomplishments in Alaska where she enjoys over an %80 approval rating.

I could only find one Obama bill which is known as the Google for Government Bill: This bill, “authored by Obama and Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, seeks to put governement spending online for citizens to review. That was already being done to some extent.

“I finally got a bill passed,” Obama told The Associated Press.

The bill might also be known as the Obama-Coburn or Coburn-Obama Bill of 2006.

He never got anything before 2006 or since 2006. Where’s he been and what’s he been doing? Oh, yeah. Running for president – for the people. Uh huh.

The MCain-Feingold (D) Bill, an attempt to reform campaign financing;

The McCain Bill, requires the Sec. of Defense to make available to the public all information relating to the treatment, location and/or condition of U.S. personnel who are unaccounted for from the Vietnam War;

The McCain-Kennedy (D) Bill – attempting to reform immigration policies.

The Schumer (D)-McCain Bill – to keep sex offenders off Internet social networking sites

McCain Anti-Torture Amendment – banning cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees, which the current administration now asserts does not apply to U.S. actions abroad.

That’s enough for now. You get the point. Obama’s done virtually nothing. Biden’s been in the Senate for many years and has little to show for it. McCain has an impressive list of accomplishments. Palin has an impressive record.

Biden’s debate statements and answers to questions seem to fault Palin and McCain for not towing the Democrats’ line. DUH. They are Republicans and do not need to apologize for taking an opposite view on the issues. Isn’t that why we have two parties?

Biden talked about how poor people are. They can barely fill up their gas tank. Republicans, McCain in particular, tried to give them some relief during the peak driving season – summer vacation time – but Obama laughed. He said it was only a token. McCain’s suggestion to remove the government gasoline tax during peak driving season would make a tank of gasoline more affordable. Obama couldn’t be bi-partisan even on a small (by his conclusion) thing. He didn’t do one thing to make it more affordable for these poor people to fill their gas tanks. Biden is on the wrong ticket if he truly cares about these people.

Biden: So deregulation was the promise. And guess what? Those people who say don’t go into debt, they can barely pay to fill up their gas tank. I was recently at my local gas station and asked a guy named Joey Danco (ph). I said Joey, how much did it cost to fill your tank? You know what his answer was? He said I don’t know, Joe. I never have enough money to do it.

Did Biden immediately call Obama on his cell phone and say, “Hey, Barry. We’ve got a voter here who never has enough money to fill his gas tank. Don’t you want to remove the gas tax this summer so he can fill his tank for three months, at the very least, and take his kids to see their grandparents?”

NOPE. He and Obama did nothing to help this guy or anyone else in the same position. Obama won’t drill for oil to make enough gasoline to bring the prices down, either.

Hey, Joey Danco. Who are you voting for?

Biden supports Obama’s plan to nationalize everyone’s health care, take it out of your hands, force you into a system that will dictate what doctors you can see, when, what health conditions are approved for treatment, what treatment is approved, what medicines you can have and what specialists you can or cannot see. This will also give them the power to squeeze out doctors who don’t share their world views – like Republican doctors, conservative doctors, pro-life doctors.

How will we all feel when we wake up one morning and learn that the government oversight committee governing everyone’s universal health care was asleep at the wheel, or taking lobbyists’ money, and the whole thing is in meltdown crisis mode, like today’s so-called “worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?”

We have oversight committees for the banking and investment firms that are in crisis right now. We have committees to oversee the stock market activites – the Securities and Exchange Commission chaired by Christopher Cox (R). Democrat Chris Dodd is the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Democrat Barney Frank chairs the House Financial Services Committee. Han Paulson is the Sec. of the Treasurey.

Paulson and Cox can’t make laws. Dodd and Frank are legislators and can make laws. They also happen to be members of the majority party, making it possible for them to pass whatever reforms they think necessary. THEY DIDN’T.

Now they blame Republicans. They say Republicans blocked passage of reform proposals. How is that possible? If Republicans could control what is passed, they would be passing their own agendas, which they are not. They blame Republican president Bush, simply because he is in the White House. Again, the president, thus the Republicans, can’t pass or block any reform laws. It’s all in the court of the Democrats.



We must continue to bombard our representatives until they tire of it, and start listening to us. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO DO NOTHING.


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