Time for a Boston Tea Party – September 29, 2008

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People, it is time for an old-fashioned Boston Tea Party. Whatever your view of the current Washington-created economic crisis, we only have two options: McCain or Obama. That’s it.

Neither McCain nor Obama have the slightest clue about what is going on. Do your own Google search into the education and background of both candidates and you will NOTfind any college education in economics. McCain – Naval Academy. Obama – law.

Neither candidate has run a country, a state, a city or a company.

The difference between these two men is that Obama will listen and respond to the “OZ behind the curtain” and McCain will not listen to anyone. What McCain calls “maverick”, I call “stubborn and self-centered.” And for Pete’s sake! Who IS the OZ BEHIND OBAMA’S CURTAIN? Is it George Soros? Is it someone more sinister? Is it Jeremiah Wright or Louis Farakhan? Is it Bill Ayers? Who knows? I’m not willing to risk any of them.

McCain’s view seems to be that he absolutely MUST become president and has little time left to make that happen. Obama can run another day. Therefore, constituents have the power to pressure McCain into doing the right thing, satisfying his voter base BEFORE the election. It’s great that this economic debacle has come up before McCain realizes his dream of becoming POTUS.

Call McCain’s office immediately and demand that he fight the Democrats, stop the socialization of our economy, put ACORN on notice that their criminal activity is over because they will either comply with the law or sit in prison through the election, prosecute the crooks that are currently in the House of Rep’s, the Senate and in cabinet positions, cut taxes, drastically cut the spending and get the gov’t out of everything that the gov’t has no business being in. You can provide your own list of what those things might be.


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