Amnesty, Abortion and Acid – September 29, 2008

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Amnesty, Abortion and Acid

On April 25, 1972, George McGovern won the Massachusetts primary and journalist Bob Novak phoned Democratic politicians around the country, who agreed with his assessment that blue-collar workers voting for McGovern did not understand what he really stood for.[8] On April 27, 1972 Novak reported in a column that an unnamed Democratic senator had talked to him about McGovern.[9] “The people don’t know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion and legalization of pot,” the Senator said.[9] “Once middle America — Catholic middle America, in particular — finds this out, he’s dead.”[9] The label stuck and McGovern became known as the candidate of “amnesty, abortion and acid.”[8][10],_1972 for cites of info.

Obama is for amnesty for illegals, abortion (I call infanticide) and legalization of marijuana. He has said that he doesn’t think we should criminalize marijuana use, but isn’t saying we should legalize it. What does that mean? It’s straddle the fence. Don’t make a commitment that a voter could hold him to, but the intent is clear. Don’t make it illegal to use marijuana. Remember that he admitted to using it, and inhaling because that was the point, and not just once, but over a long period of time. He also admitted to using cocaine. When did he stop using marijuana?

Where are those people with morals and convictions?

It’s ironic that we are here again.

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