If You Like Lies…- September 26, 2008

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If you like lies, then you’ll love Democrats in office. Of course, that would be nothing new. Today Sen. Harry Reid held a press conference to lie about Sen. John McCain and attack him unfairly and cruelly, the worst case of presidential politics you will ever see….maybe. The Democrats can always come up with worse behavior.

To lay the groundwork, Sen. Reid first said he didn’t want McCain to come back to Washington to discuss the economic “crisis” and the banks bailout bill. He didn’t want “presidential politics” to spoil the negotiations.

Then he said we need McCain to tell us what he wants them to do. Wouldn’t it be great for Democrats if McCain, who had not been in any of the negotiations or discussions with fellow representatives and senators yet, to make a decision and tell it to them?! They would immediately spin it into some kind of draconian position that would kill all Americans immediately, and make that view public. Their press conference would come within minutes of McCain’s phone call.

McCain is too smart for Reid. He isn’t going to be lassoed by anyone of Reid’s caliber. When McCain announced that he would return to Washington and go to work – after all – he IS a Senator elected by the people of the state of Arizona to represent them, and they certainly need protection in this issue – Reid got worried. He said they don’t need McCain to come back.

Had McCain stayed away, Reid would have blasted him for not engaging in this country’s worst economic crisis ever, since 1929, so they say. If he had agreed to support the current plan, Reid would have blasted McCain for going along with Bush and warning people that a McCain presidency would be a third Bush term. Had McCain opposed the plan, Reid would have blasted him for blocking efforts to stop a financial meltdown and make McCain responsible for bank and investment firm failures, and the demise of the American people.

McCain knows Reid too well to fall for any of the above. And there’s the chance that McCain truly has principles which he intends to operate by. McCain will do what he has always done. He will ignore criticism by both parties and make his decision based on what he believes is right.

McCain has been a Senator for so many years, that it comes quite naturally to him, to get back to work when a problem arises. That’s exactly what he did. He is a senator first and a candidate secondly. He receives his salary for his work as a senator, not as a candidate. He went to Washington to earn his paycheck aand fulfill his responsibility, unlike Senator Obama.

A candidate is really nothing, when you think about it. They have no power at all. They have not been elected yet and may not be. They were not hired to be a candidate and do not receive paychecks for work done as such. Obama put his desire to be president above his obligations as a senator and above representing the people of Illinois who will be impacted by this bill or lack thereof.

Reid’s phraseology,” we don’t need presidential politics injected into the negotiations,” is simply spin to try and keep McCain from doing his job and give cover to Sen. Obama who has been AWOL on this. Reid wanted a small number of Democrats and Republicans to make the decisions that will affect the whole country. That is not fair representation and not how this country was set up to work. That is too much power in the hands of too few. And this involves a HUGE amount of money in the hands of government, who has a bad track record so far.

And the big lie in today’s press conference:

#1. Reid directly said that the principles of this bill that House and Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans agreed to are those laid out by Senator Obama, who had not even been there until yesterday afternoon after Pres. Bush called him and asked him to come. Obama reluctantly went because he didn’t want to be the only one not present when it aired on television news. Remember, up until that point, Obama had said that he wasn’t going, steadfastly objected to McCain going, and wanted the debate in Mississippi to be first priority. Obama’s public statement until then was, “If they need me, they can call me.” Whoop-di-do!

So President Bush called him in order to try and get a bi-partisan agreement. Once again, Bush has reached across the aisle, but will not get credit for it. This was a perfect opportunity for Obama to bring both parties together, build unity, change the way politics work in Washington, solve our nation’s problems, as he has been promising for almost a year in his campaign speeches. This was his opportunity to show us that he can keep those promises. He did not. He can’t. If he is president, it will be just like yesterday. It’s been reported that Obama didn’t even say that much, nor did McCain.

#2. Reid said that they had an agreement until McCain got there and it all fell apart. FALSE! Reid knows he is lying and so does everyone that was in that room. What audacity! But that’s what the Democrats’ presidential campaign has been about – the audacity of hope and change. It is reported that McCain didn’t say much at all. IT WAS REID WHO STARTED LOOSING HIS TEMPER AND YELLING.

Once tempers flare and yelling commences, negotiations break down. No one responds well to yelling and temper tantrums. Respect and listening to each others’ points of view stops when yelling starts. Rudeness kills respect. McCain had no part in causing the failure yesterday.

Republicans are saying that there was never an agreement at any time. If Reid and his bunch agreed, that is not an agreement. It must include both parties in both houses and the White House.

Those are the two biggest lies told yesterday and today. There are many misrepresentations, too many to address here.

Embedded YouTube videos have not been working lately. In case it is needed, the link to the YouTube web site is provided. Yesterday’s press conference:

video web address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDiKGeD8qWg

Today’s press conference with Harry Reid and Chris Dodd. (Copy and paste the web address below into your web browser’s address field.)

video web address: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/26902731#26902731



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