THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING – August 28, 2008

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It’s my guess that millions of people all around the world, but especially in America and Kenya, watched Obama’s majestic ceremony to accept the DNC’s nomination for president of the United States. Eighty-five thousand people came to Invesco Stadium to be a part of American history being made. Giant video screens displayed every glittering moment. American flags waved triumphantly behind the speakers, the stars for the night – Obama’s night. His acceptance speech was followed by an awesome fireworks display,confetti and ticker tape in red, white and blue. What an amazing night.

After the event came to its conclusion and the people left the stadium, thoughts began to fill my mind. Thoughts of our first president, General George Washington, the father of our nation. He was first a lieutenant colonel fighting skirmishes that lead to the French and Indian War, then an aide to Gen. Braddock. He had four bullets rip through his coat and two horses shot from underneath him, yet escaped injury. He was a planter in Virginia and served in the Virginia House of Burgesses during the American Revolution. The Continental Congress appointed him Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, which he led to victory.

Finally, he was UNANIMOUSLY elected our first President of the newly formed government of the United States of America. He was enthusiastically re-elected to a second term, but refused to accept a third.

President George Washington was offered a monarchy, BUT REFUSED TO BE KING.

He understood that this democracy that underpins our hard-won freedom was not about one man. It was about the truth that “all men are created equal.” Founding father Washington saw a danger in elevating one man beyond the common man.

I’m sure that Pres. Washington attended inaugural ceremonies on his behalf, but I’m equally certain that he would never have planned for himself anything of the magnitude we saw tonight. And even though General, statesman and President George Washington COULD HAVE BEEN KING, he possessed a humility that would not allow it. He saved us all from loosing that freedom that we so cherish today.

Yes, Obama knew that he was making history, but certainly no more so than the history made by first President of the newly formed United States of America, George Washington.



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