CHANGE IN AMERICA – August 27, 2008

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What kind of changes do Democrats plan for America? They made plenty of plans for their national convention in Denver, Colorado, one being their own form of Gitmo not on Guantanamo Bay. Prayer rugs and Korans will probably not be afforded detainees, but they will have access to bathrooms, water, medical staff, and phones. They will be given contact numbers for the ACLU and People’s Law Project and will be able to make free local calls and long distance collect or calling cards.

City officials insist they don’t have a mandatory arrest policy for violations. It will be at the descretion of the police officer to ask for voluntary compliance, deliver a warning, issue a citation OR MAKE AN ARREST BASED ON THE TOTALITY OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES. In the context of peaceful demonstrations where state or city law is violated, ARRESTS ARE A LAST OPTION – USED WHEN ALL OTHER OPTIONS HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED OR SAFETY CONCERNS ARE INVOLVED.

Unless you are an ABC News producer with camera crew on a public sidewalk in Denver during the Democrats’ National Convention, taking pictures of Democrat Senators and VIP donors leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel. Asa Eslocker and his colleagues were investigating the role of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors at the convention for a series called Money Trail on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson.

Asa found himself being shoved into the street with traffic by a gruff police officer and then grabbed by the neck and cuffed. Watch the video and decide if this is the “CHANGE” you want in America.

I’m appalled! If they’re not doing anything illegal in the Brown Palace Hotel, why do they mind being photographed coming and going there? This wasn’t a case of out-of-control paparrazi!

I didn’t want to post a video with a vulgar word in it, but you really should see how the police struck a woman during a demonstration at the DNC convention. Be warned: one vulgar word.

We can at least be thankful these protests were nothing like those in Kenya.

There is no more time to do nothing.


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