Obama is Perfect for the United Nations – August 18, 2008

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I watched the interviews of Obama and McCain at Saddleback Church, with Pastor Rick Warren asking very good questions, representative of what Americans want to know. I thought Pastor Warren did an excellent job. Here are a few of my thoughts resulting from this meeting.

Obama studdered too much, making me wonder if he was devising a politically correct answer rather than speaking from the heart with truth.

McCain answered the questions immediately and seemed quite genuine. I felt that I was hearing what he really believes.

Obama’s answers seemed contrived and carefully constructed to avoid going on the record on one side or the other of most issues. After hearing his answers, I still didn’t know what his beliefs were. I’ll have to rely on his past voting record wherever possible.

McCain was clear and concise about what he believes.

Obama seldom looked Warren or the audience straight in the eye while answering questions. And he blinked a lot. That makes me wonder if he can’t look people in the eye because he’s not telling the truth.

McCain looked Warren and the audience straight in the eye with little to no blinking.

Obama said that some people who make a certain amount of money have to carry the rest. Obama wants to know how much everyone makes, so he can even it out, taking from those he deems as rich and giving to those he deems as deserving to receive the rich people’s hard-earned cash.

McCain said he doesn’t want to re-distribute the wealth of Americans. He wants everyone to “get rich”, meaning he wants everyone to be successful and carry their own weight.

Obama said he would not have nominated the Supreme Court Justices that are known to have ruled strictly according to the Constitution. He also said he would not have nominated Chief Justice Clarence Thomas, the first black judge on the Supreme Court. So, helping African-Americans achieve success and high positions in government aren’t as important as he says in his campaign speeches. According to Obama, we should make history by electing the first”real” black president, while knowing that he would not have supported the nomination of the first black Supreme Court Justice, also making history.

McCain said he would not have nominated the Supreme Court Justices that legislate from the bench.

Obama tried to appease both sides when asked about his stance on abortion. But the bottom line for him seemed to be reducing unwanted pregnancies (how in the world?) and making certain that women had health care. So where’s the change? Here is what he said,

“Well, I think whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade…”

If the decision to fight for the life of babies is above his pay grade, what about the decision to risk the lives of soldiers during times of war? This struck me as a lack of leadership ability.

McCain immediately responded that infants receive human rights at the point of conception, and he believes that Roe vs. Wade was bad law.

Obama said that war and loss of American lives are justified to protect our freedom and to stop genocide. However, he hinted at the invasion of Iraq (where genocide had taken place) as a blunder. He only spoke of genocides in Africa as being worth the loss of American lives.

McCain also said the cost is justified to protect our freedom, our allies where we have treaties and agreements to come to their aid, and to stop genocide, including Iraq.

When asked the following question:

Do you believe that evil exists and if you do, do you believe we should ignore it, negotiate with it, contain it or defeat it?

I’m not sure where Obama came down on that question. He did not answer with any of the four choices proposed to him. He said he believed we must confront it, then said we have to have humility in our approach and proceeded to say that a lot of evil has been perpetrated based on the claim that we were trying to confront evil. I understood him to be referring to the Iraq war and that we are doing evil there while saying we’re confronting evil. (I didn’t like that. It seemed underhanded and he evaded the question as it was asked.) I also wonder how you can confront evil with humility. Will evil take us seriously and back down if we display humility? I don’t think so.

McCain quickly answered “Defeat it.”

In order to write this blog accurately, I had to find the transcripts of the forum and look up Obama’s answers on almost every question because he didn’t answer the questions directly, definitively or with any conviction. His double-speak, political correctness, trying to come down on both sides, talking all around the questions left me wondering what he had said and what does he believe. I couldn’t recall his answers on most of the questions because they were not simple or direct. He seemed to be trying to talk his way out of answering.

On the other hand, I remembered exactly how McCain answered the questions, without looking up any of them. He was direct, simple and decisive. His was a take it or leave it style. For him, he gave us what he believes and if you agree, you will vote for him. If you don’t, you won’t. I liked that much better than Obama’s style.

Obama was confusing and McCain was plain-spoken. I tried to imagine Obama as president negotiating with our enemies. What a nightmare that could be. Would our enemies even understand what he said and meant? Would they come away with the idea that they can play Obama for ever, while continuing with their unacceptable behavior? I think so. Obama is perfect for the United Nations, but not for the White House.

P.S. The Obama camp is floating the rumor that McCain wasn’t really sequestered in the back while Obama was questioned, but in fact, could hear the questions ahead of time – essentially calling Pastor Rick Warren a liar. Boooooo! In fact, Obama was asked a question about creating a plan to help orphans around the world and he answered, “I cheated a little bit. I actually looked at this idea ahead of time….. How did he do that? If he did, why is he worried that McCain heard anything ahead of time?

For the record, Obama liked the idea, while McCain reminded us all that Cindy, his wife, visited Mother Theresa’s orphanage many years ago and brought back two orphans, adopting one herself (with her husband John McCain) and finding friends who would adopt the other. In other words, the McCains have been working on that issue for many years, already.


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