Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara, Calif. – August 13, 2008

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Please visit the web site of the Institute for Energy Research at…

Be better informed on one of America’s most pressing current issues. Don’t take as fact the 20 second sound byte from the biased main stream media or the hottest candidate running for political office. Don’t fall for the unresearched cliche’s carelessly thrown about in all forms of media. Take a little time and find out for yourself what the facts are. You will be glad you did.

You may never have seen tar whips floating in the water off the coast of California, but they’re there. What are tar whips? They are strings of oil that seeped out of natural fissures on the ocean floor. Coal Oil Point off the coast of Santa Barbara, California is one of the largest natural oil seeps in the world. It is called a marine seepfield which accounts for all the oil found on the beaches of Santa Barbara and 55% of the oil found on the beachs of Los Angeles County.

Quoting the web site:

  • With roughly 1 billion barrels of oil in place in the Monterey Formation offshore from Coal Oil Point, it will take an estimated 18,000 years to drain naturally at the current oil seepage rate. [5]
  • According to former Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) physicist Bruce Allen, the tectonically active zone is estimated to have leaked some 800 million barrels of oil over the last 10,000 years. [6]
  • There is potential to drill the equivalent of 1.85 billion barrels of oil from the Santa Barbara Channel from already discovered, but undeveloped fields. The production of these fields would bring tax revenues of at least $1.05 billion per year to the State of California and $210 million per year to Santa Barbara County. [9]
  • The reactive organic gases (ROG) emission rates from the Coal Oil Point natural seeps was about twice the emission rate for all the on-road vehicle traffic in the county in 1990. [5]
  • In spite of vigilant regulation of industrial sources of ROGs and large reductions in automobile emissions over the past decade, Santa Barbara County has had difficulty reaching Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality standards because of the gasses emitted through natual seeps. [5]

Now does it make sense to leave that oil in the ground, wasting away when we need it so much to fuel our economy and our daily needs? NO. Does it make any sense to deprive California of the tax revenues while they are currrently facing bankruptcy? NO. Or to deprive Santa Barbara? NO. Does it make any sense to allow the seepage into the ocean and onto the beaches, perhaps harming the sea life, for 18,000 years? NO.

So who is making this huge wrong-headed mistake that is costing our country and California’s environment dearly? Ms Nancy Pelosi, saving the planet. Whose planet? Certainly not ours!

All of this information is sourced on their web site. Please visit.



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