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After learning about La Nina and El Nino, it may be interesting to see the current water temps for the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexio. These are average temperatures.

Ranges are given because it depends on where the temp was taken from; northern, central or southern regions in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and eastern, western for the Gulf of Mexico.

Pacific Ocean: ranges from 50.4 degrees F to 81.1 degrees F

Atlantic Ocean: ranges from 65.7 degrees F to 88.3 degrees F

Gulf of Mexico: ranges from 82.5 degrees F to 89.6 degrees F

If you look at the temps of the Gulf of Mexico, you might say that is proof of global warming. But if you look at the temps in the northern Pacific Ocean region where the lowest was 50.4 degrees F, you might not draw that conclusion.

The Pacific is currently cooler than the Atlantic.

Visit for some great illustrations of the effects of El Nino on sea surface temps, trade winds, and sea levels. You won’t find this in Al Gore’s science-challenged movie.

Here’s a really great site to visit for further explanation of sea surface temps, El Nino, La Nina, affecting earth’s climate changes.

An excerpt from one of their many fine articles:

“The U.S. climate of the last century was marked by three prolonged continental-scale wet spells (1905-1930, the 1940s, and 1976-1995) and three dry spells (the 1930’s, 1950s-60s, and 1996-2004). Although researchers believe that such large and sustained shifts in U.S. precipitation are linked with the natural variability of sea surface temperatures, the mechanisms are not well understood and cannot yet be used to help predict the likelihood of droughts.

These sea surface temperature variations are characterized by climatic indices dubbed the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, or PDO, and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, or AMO. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation, or PDO index, reflects the geographic pattern of temperatures in the North Pacific Ocean and the AMO reflects basinwide temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean. When the PDO is positive, temperatures of the central North Pacific are cool and the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean is warm. When PDO is negative, the central North Pacific is warm and the eastern tropical Pacific is cool. A positive AMO indicates warm temperatures across the entire North Atlantic Ocean and negative AMO indicates cool North Atlantic temperatures.

Both negative and positive PDO “events” in the North Pacific Ocean tend to last 20-30 years, with recent research increasingly associating these events with regional temperature and precipitation variability across the country. For example, most scientists think the PDO variability is linked to changes in the frequency and duration of El Ni��o or La Ni��a events over the course of decades. (My words: Al Gore and Obama love to say that “ALL SCIENTISTS AGREE””… that the earth is warming and it’s caused by human activitiy. HOGWASH! All scientists DO NOT AGREE! Here’s some proof.)

The AMO association with U.S. climate is less well known, but recent studies suggest that variation in water temperatures in the North Atlantic affects summertime precipitation and could also regulate the strength of El Ni��o/La Ni��a effects on weather year-round, particularly in the Midwest. “

Someone, please get Obama to do a little homework for himself before plunging America into a needless depression and over-throwing our increasingly positive life-styles into regression to the Stone Age. I’m never trading my much needed SUV for a bicycle or a tiny car not much bigger or more useful than a bike. I refuse to live in a dark cave that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Forget about it, Obama. And the same goes for McCain.

Once again, I encourage you to visit this web site: You will notice that it’s name is “Science Daily”. That suggests that science and scientists are involved and don’t all agree with Gore AND ARE ACTUALLY CONDUCTING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND GOING WHERE THE FACTS TAKE THEM.

With all of the available science regarding El Nino, La Nina and sea surface temps, the United Nations arm of Gore’s scheme, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ignored it all and issued their findings:

“A few of the main points of the third assessment report issued in 2001 include: An increasing body of observations gives a collective picture of a warming world and other changes in the climate system; emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols due to human activities continue to alter the atmosphere in ways that are expected to affect the climate; “

The IPCC also received a Nobel Prize with Gore for their “global warming caused by human activity” stance. It would be beneficial to re-read Marbie’s blog posts about the members of the United Nations who are actively engaged in the global warming myth, what their creditials are OR ARE NOT, what businesses they are involved with or own that rake in millions of dollars from this climate scare and who they’ve been in cahoots with for many years. Simply type in the search box the words “global warming, climate change, United Nations.” All of Marbie’s blog posts are tagged and will come up with a search of key words. Be sure to search from the blog page.

Don’t be fooled by politicians who love to say that all the top scientists agree. They don’t.



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