BIG OIL – August 11, 2008

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Big Oil

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi arrives at the Ritz-Carlton before the opening Consultive Meeting of the OPEC Conference in Doha, 19 October 2006. AFP PHOTO/KARIM JAAFAR (Photo credit should read KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images)


Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil producer in OPEC, with one-fifth of the world’s proven oil reserves, and the world’s leading petroleum exporter. OPEC sets the price of oil based on a number of criteria:

Maintain Saudi Arabia’s market share; maintain stable short term oil prices; maintain excess supply to cover short term supply interruptions; maintain long term oil prices. OPEC was formed to control oil supply output and prices.

How does Obama plan to extract a windfall profits tax from Big Oil, a.k.a. Saudia Arabia/OPEC?

How is Hillary Clinton going to make cartels illegal when they are made up of foreign countries?

How is Maxine Waters going to socialize, uh “Take Over” Big Oil when it is Saudi Arabia/OPEC?

How is Obama going to stop the $700 Billion from going to Saudia Arabia/OPEC every year?

How do the Democrats plan to solve the problem as they perceive it?

All of the questions above are answered by bashing ExxonMobile, threatening ExxonMobile, taxing and taxing and taxing ExxonMobile, regulating ExxonMobile, whipping up hatred toward ExxonMobile among the public and in the media, setting prices of ExxonMobile’s products, hurting ExxonMobile’s profits and in the end, a government take-over of ExxonMobile.

At the end of all their efforts, the price of gaoline will remain the same, the supply of oil will dip slightly as Exxon produces less, resulting from the vicious attacks of its own government AND EXXONMOBILE’S SHARHOLDERS WILL NOT GET THE DIVIDENDS AND HIGHER STOCK VALUES THAT THEY USED TO GET!!!

Retirment funds will dip. College savings funds will decrease. Cash dividend checks to ordinary people will decrease or stop entirely, ExxonMobile employees will not get good salary increases, or better benefits and many will loose their jobs or not be hired in the first place. All of these will slow the economy and hurt everyone else.

I don’t think this is the change America is looking for.

We need somone who has the good sense to know who BIG OIL really is.

Obama wants to stop spending $700 billion for oil from foreign countries, yet is incensed if an American company makes a fraction of that. He doesn’t want to drill in America and produce oil here, leaving the oil money flowing outside this country. Obama seems conflicted. We have to do one or the other.

Isn’t it better to drill in America, allow American oil companies to be prosperous, hire us, offer us benefits as employees, sell shares of their stock to us, pay us good dividends, send us cash dividend checks to help with our expenses, increase the stock values in our retirement and college savings funds, spur our economy, buy the goods and materials they need to operate from other American companies, starting that cycle over again, keeping the supply of oil and gas to Americans at a healthy level and keeping the prices reasonable and under our own control and taking control away from foreign governments? When we benefit in these ways, we buy goods and services and spend on descretionary things like vacations, boosting our economy much more.

Why would Democrats have a problem with that? Why would they do anything to kill that? Could it be that they would have fewer people dependent upon the government , resulting in fewer things Democrat politicians can promise voters to gain their votes? Could it be?

JUST SAY NO! Support American companies, American independence, the American economy and the American Way.

There is no more time to do nothing.


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