Sacrifice and Conserve, Unless You’re Obama or Gore – August 08, 2008

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This is Obama’s private plane on which he flew all over the U.S. You should note that he had the American Flag painted over and replaced with his campaign logo. Why not leave the flag on one side and put the logo on the other? (I wonder what his carbon footprint has been and how much fossil fuel he burned and how much greenhouse gas he produced while harping about global warming and the scrifices YOU must make? Did you get rid of your SUV so that he could have this plane? I know. He’s special and you’re not.)

Someone please tell this guy that droughts have ocurred throughout history without global warming.

Between 1934 and 1941 the southwestern Great Plains region experienced a severe drought and the Great Dust Bowl resulted. It had nothing to do with my SUV or your ability to conserve, or anyone’s “addiction” to foreign oil.

For Pete’s sake. I’m so tired of this. Weather ocurs in cycles. 1988 saw one of the worst and most widespread droughts which affected much of the central U.S. From 1928 to 1941, Oregon suffered a significant drought statewide. This one was quite prolonged.

But here’s the one I want to convey to Obama, McCain and Gore:

“It is one of history’s biggest mysteries and has confounded experts for hundreds of years. But a team of scientists believe they have discovered why the world’s first great civilisation, established in Egypt nearly 5000 years ago, crumbled and plunged into a dark age that lasted for more than 1000 years.

The researchers, including one academic from St Andrews University, have produced new evidence linking the demise of the Egyptian Old Kingdom with decades of drought after a study of layers of sediment at the source of the Blue Nile at Lake Tana in northern Ethiopia.

The Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza are among the only remaining legacies of the Old Kingdom, which lasted from 2575 to 2150 BC, before the time of Tutankhamen, Ramses, and Queen Nefertiti.

The destruction of the pharaohs’ power and the collapse of central government had followed 1000 years of cultural advancement, with its characteristic architecture, literature, and art. The famine that followed the drought was so severe that there is evidence people violated the royal dead and that some were forced to eat their own children. Some of the theories for the collapse of the world’s greatest dynasties have included political conflict and an invasion from Asia.

Researchers now believe they have proof that the downfall of the kingdom was triggered by a drought caused by a shift in climate and resulting in a decrease in the Nile floods.”

And another:

“La Niña Drought and Delay in Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)

Ironically, Ethiopia’s drought may be associated with the same weather event, La Niña, thought to be the source of cyclones and floods in Mozambique.

The Mozambique storms intensified the drought in the Horn of Africa as moisture was dragged southwards and delayed the Intertropical Convergence Zone’s (ITCZ) migration northward. With tropical movement still active off the South-African coast, the ITCZ has not yet established itself in Ethiopia for the big rain season.

La Niña is the cold counterpart of El Niño, or the other extreme of the El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle where sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific drop below normal. Both El Niño and La Niña impact global weather patterns by teleconnections. In many locations, especially in the tropics, La Niña (or cold episodes) produces the opposite climate variations from El Niño. For instance, parts of East Africa receive wetter than normal rainfall during El Niño years, but are prone to droughts during the cold La Niña phase.”

Both Obama and Gore say the same thing; “it’s indisputable that the climate’s getting warmer.” True scientists wanting to get to the truth of a matter always leave room for more evidence. People like Gore and Obama, who want the public to believe in climate change because they have found ways to capitalize on it, always say it’s indisputable – no room for more facts or further study. It’s done. Pay up.

Every time you hear a politician say it’s indisputable, you know they plan to make money off this hoax. They don’t want anymore discussion about it. They don’t want anyone to suggest it may not be true. That would slow down or kill their stream of money flowing in from their green business deals. Cap the emission of greanhouse gases is the foundation for selling credits and trading them on an exchange for a fee. That is a money making machine. Your money into their pockets.

Look at Gore’s life style. He isn’t in fear for his children’s lives in ten years. Watch and listen to this next video of Obama talking about Americans sacrificing and giving up the vehicles they want to drive, the amount of food they eat…He wants us to sacrifice our nice life, our nice cars, cutting back on food, driving, convenience, air conditioning, going backward to old life styles before America was prosperous.

Do you know how Obama is currently sacrificing, cutting back, conserving energy, traveling? He just flew to Hawaii on an airplane that probably took eleven hours to get here. He didn’t set his thermostat up higher than comfortable, or drive a Prius, or stay home and skip the vacation this year, or cut back on food. He flew to Hawaii for a nice vacation. What a conservationist, that Obama! What sacrifices he’s making for climate change! No. He only expects YOU to do that. He’s an important person and can’t be expected to live that way. He’s special.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” You’re not going to have a better life with Obama. He isn’t talking about changes to make your life better. If you listen to what he IS saying, he’s going to take away the comfortable vehicle you love and force you into something you won’t be happy with. He’s going to force you to leave your home and office too hot for comfort in the summer and too cold it the winter. You will be uncomfortable all day and night and dream of the good old days when you were happy.

He’s going to raise every tax on the books and you will have much less money to live on, thereby giving up even more things that make your life comfortable and happy. He’s g
oing to legislate “green” mandates that raise the price of goods and services and all forms of energy. The cost of living will go up dramatically and you will be much lower in class than you are now. If you’re middle class now, you will drop to lower economic class. If you’re already in the lower economic class, you’re in big trouble after Obama gets elected. Listen to what he is saying he will do. Listen to what he is calling for.



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