Gavel Commando Must Promote Book – August 07, 2008

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Everyone was aghast when gavel commando Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House, shut down the House of Representatives, while Republicans on the floor yelled, “Ms. Speaker, parlimentary question!.” Why was she in such a big hurry to get out of Washington, D.C. with the energy issue red hot and Americans demanding action from Congress to ease gasoline prices now and in the future?

Answer #1: This is the answer which carries the most weight. She intends to block any votes on drilling FOREVER. Ms. Captain Planet is fully committed to saving the planet at all costs – and I mean COSTS!

Answer #2: Her newly released book, in the “dead zone” sales rank, needs promoting by the most powerful woman in politics (choke, choke). If her publisher forked out advances to Ms Planet, they are probably demanding that she make book signings and guest appearances on television to push sales. Publishers want to recover their expenses and make a profit. Nancy may not have been able to tell her publisher,

“Look, guys. I sympathize with you, but I just can’t leave the House of Representatives with a raging energy debate and soaring gasoline prices afflicting Americans trying to get to work everyday so they can afford to pay these high taxes we’ve inflicted upon them. Sorry, but I must stay and finish my job.”

No, she HAD to get out there and promote her book so the publisher doesn’t loose money and her reputation remains…well, never mind about that. The book sold 2,737 copies the first week, and she probably has that many relatives, employees, friends and Democrat underlings who make up that number. She needs readers interested in her subject to buy “Know Your Power”.

One might be tempted to ask how much fuel she uses trekking around promoting this “going nowhere” book. And what is the carbon footprint of publishing the book and then of promoting it? Is she limiting her travel like so many Americans must do right now as a result of high gas prices or OBAMA’S SOLUTION TO CONSERVE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS?

I don’t see Obama or Pelosi or any other prominent Democrat conserving or staying home like the rest of us, or putting this nation’s energy needs in first place, which is their job. I would suggest that you boycott her book and send her the message that you want her in Congress solving problems, but it looks like you are already boycotting, or at least allowing it to wither on the vine. (Ms. Pelosi is a vineyard owner, too.)… (for an interseting story on that subject.) (for a rebuttal)

There is no more time to do nothing.


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