Gavel Commando Shuts Down the Senate – August 02, 2008

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“On Thursday morning in Iowa, Obama told a public audience that amid record-high oil profits, Republican opponent John McCain’s proposal to lower corporate taxes is wrong and that the Republican Party is bereft of ideas that would help steer the nation to long-term energy independence. Houston Chronicle,

Obama’s plan: everyone should keep their tires properly inflated. That will save as much fuel as would be produced by drilling.

Barack Obama flew into Houston Thursday (July 31, 2008) for a whirlwind money sweep in back-to-back private fund-raisers, and the banner headline on a local TV station read, “Obama Uses Houston as ATM”. Ironically, the jackpot events were held in mansions (18,000 sq. ft and 12,500 sq. ft) where many of the ritzy homes were built by Big Oil and Natural Gas profiteers, an ocupation publicly condemned by Obama’s Democrat Party.

The first was a Memorial area home which is situated in what is affectionately known to Houstonians as “the Energy Corridor.”

The Houston Chronicle put it this way in their August 1, 2008 online article:

“Picture this: Standing on a platform just above the water level of a lighted indoor pool at a Memorial home, Obama said the nation needs to develop wind and solar energy and other alternative sources. He spoke to about 55 paying guests at candlelit, round dinner tables under skylights in the 18,000-square-foot home of John Thrash, chief of a natural gas infrastructure company, and wife Becca Cason Thrash. County appraisal district records list the home’s market value at about $5.5 million.

“Our energy policy is essentially nonexistent, which looks like it’s been pretty good to Houston,” he said. “But even those in the energy business here in Houston will tell you it’s not sustainable over the long run,” the Democratic presidential contender added.”

Not surprisingly, Obama’s second stop was the $8.5 million dollar home of a trial lawyer and his wife, where $1.5 million were raised, which will be split between the Democrat Party and Obama’s campaign. Just to get in the door, guests paid $2,300. Add a quick photo and the cost went up to $10,000. But the high dollar players ponied up an obscene $28,500 to stay for dinner. Apparently, BaRockStar doesn’t see the recession that’s not in people’s minds.

Speaking of “bats in the belfrey”, something’s fishy here. What does John Thrash and wife, Becca Cason Thrash, know that the rest of us don’t? Why in the world would the chief of a natural gas infrastructure company, who’s obviously done very well, and would probably like to maintain that lifestyle, support the candidate who is hell-bent on destroying “Big Oil”, which includes “Big Natural Gas”, and any other fossel fuel-related company?

If Thrash is successful in getting BaRockStar elected, how does he expect Obama’s policies to affect his own company? I’m guessing it will be devastating. Perhaps he has an “in” with Obama and isn’t worried at all. We’ve seen this movie before. Remember how much Al Gore and Bill Clinton were in league with Enron? It could happen again, especially for donations of millions of dollars to Democrat candidates’ campaigns.

While railing that “our energy policy is essentially nonexistent Thursday on the one hand, his other hand, Gavel Commando Nancy Pelosi, shut down the House, of which Obama is an occasional member ( of the Senate), with Republicans demanding a vote from the floor, even in the dark after Commando Pelosi turned out the lights on them, on her way out for a five week vacation.

You may not be able to take the kids on a summer vacation this year due to high gasoline prices, which have inflated the prices of everything else you must pay for. But Commando Pelosi is taking hers – five weeks of it – and flying wherever she wants to go. (I wonder who will water her $16,000 dollars of flowers while she’s gone. Just kidding. I know they are already dead and gone.)

The Democrats should have taken care of the business of their constituents, namely an energy bill, that would eventually bring relief to the citizens. But Pelosi shut the House down – lights, cameras, microphones. Her heavy-handed, democracy-stomping, muscle flexing did not look like the gentler, transparent, unifying style she promised in the beginning. It very much resembled the shinanigans of stubborn people obsessed with their own agenda.

She recognizes that an anti-“drlll now, drill here, pay less,” vote would be harmful to Obama, that is if he should actually show up for a vote in the Senate. So the strategy is to block the vote. That way, Obama has no anti-drill voting record just before elections. And her excuse to the public for blocking the vote – “I’m saving the planet”. Oh yeah. I forgot. Americans elected her to save the planet and let them hang out to dry with skyrocketing prices on everything from fuel to food and all in between.

Nice work Commando Nancy. Gavel on. … That’s right. You can’t. You’re on vacation.

And BaRockStar Obama, can you figure out why our U.S. energy policy is nonexistent? Could it be Commando Nancy’s gavel closing down the House, sending everyone home and refusing to vote on any energy bill? Your pal is to blame and she may be protecting you and saving the plan
et at the same time.

Contact your Republican representatives and thank them for fighting for you and trying to get an energy bill passed.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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