Convoluted Laws Cause Dilemma – July 11, 2008

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Ultrasound picture of living human child in the womb

Notice that the baby in the picture is smiling.

Please watch the video first. Watch the video first, please. It’s one minute and 48 seconds.

This teen gets it. I don’t know if she understood before, but she certainly realizes now that the actions she and her mother took to “abort” her pregnancy is actually the murder of her child. Carla Perez, 16 years old, took pills to abort her pregnancy, at the insistance of her mother who is a nurse. After seeing her baby, she saw that it was a real baby and she realized what they had done. The police in Houston were told that the mother buried the baby’s body in the back yard. Sadly, cadaver dogs are helping in the search for the infant’s tiny body.

Carla has been so upset since, that she told her aunt and eventually the police were informed. It was a simple routine abortion, but the infant’s young mother can’t recover emotionally from it. That’s because she had the opportunity to see her baby and see that it was a real living human until she took steps to stop its life.

Here’s the dilemma. According to our nonsensical laws, if the teen mother had genuinely wanted an abortion, then it’s NOT murder, just a benign act – a legal abortion. If the teen mother did not want an abortion, and someone else’s actions caused that same baby at the same point in its life to die, that person will be charged with murder. Same baby at same age, with the same result. The difference? If the mother wants the baby, it’s murder. If the mother doesn’t want the baby, it’s legal. Basically, the mother decides if it’s murder or not.

Authorities want to find the baby’s body to determine if it was alive at birth. If it was still-born, the grandmother will be charged with abuse of a corpse. (Ewwww!) If it was born alive, the grandmother could face murder charges. The teen? No one knows at this point. Was she forced or did she agree and then have a change of heart after she saw the baby?

Convoluted laws based on emotion result in legal dilemmas like this one. Convoluted laws don’t usually produce justice or fairness because they can’t be applied equally to all citizens.

The abortion laws are not based on fact. The “fetus”, a scientific term for a baby before it’s born, is a human being. It can’t be anything else. The product of a male and female human has to be human. It is living. If it was not alive, it would not be necessary to take actions to stop the growth of the infant. “Abort” means “stop”. Growth only occurs where there is life. Dead or inanimate objects don’t grow. Stopping the life of a human is murder. Yet, we allow mothers to engage in this, if she doesn’t want the baby. ?????

Abortion advocates want the mother to have the right to do whatever she wants with “HER OWN BODY”. But it isn’t her own body that she is murdering. It isn’t her heart that will stop beating. The other argument some make is that it isn’t human yet. When does it become human? Is it at the moment of it’s birth, the moment it takes its first breathe through its nostrils? It gets oxygen through the umbilical cord before birth, so oxygen doesn’t change anything. What difference would it make if it changes the way it gets oxygen? What difference does it make if the baby is inside or outside of its mother’s flesh? We’re talking about an inch or so of flesh between the unborn and the born baby. An intelligent person can’t believe that makes any difference at all to humanity. Does it become human at some point inside the womb? Is it not a human on Wednesday and suddenly it is human the next day, on Thursday? None of that reasoning makes sense.

If every mother was given her baby after an abortion, many would change their views about this issue.

Carla’s mother could be charged with abuse of a corpse for burying it. However, abortion clinics dispose of aborted babies’ bodies in a less dignified way, with impunity – no legal ramifications.

What kind of society discards human beings like an unwanted commodity? Some humans get dignified funerals, while others are carried out in medical waste bags.

And where is the father of this poor infant? We’ve heard nothing about him or from him. Did he have any say in his baby’s life or death? Will he come forward? We haven’t even heard his name. It’s been presented so far as if there was only one person involved with this pregnancy.

Visit the following web site to see before and after birth photos of babies.

There is no more time to do nothing.


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