Face Off – July 10, 2008

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Today, Iran test-fired long and mid-range missiles capable of reaching targets in Israel. “Our finger is always on the trigger,” said Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of the Revolutionary Guard ground forces, according to Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency. These missiles are also capable of reaching U.S. ships and bases in the region. Pres. Mahmoud Amahdinejad has said”

“You should know that the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime which has 60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes in its file has reached the end of its work and will soon disappear off the geographical scene.” Reuters

AFP wire service has a different translation of that.

“I must announce that the Zionist regime (Israel), with a 60-year record of genocide, plunder, invasion and betrayal is about to die and will soon be erased from the geographical scene.”

Also, according to AFP, he has said:

“Today, the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started.”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran may be a determined enemy of the United States and Israel, an insane person or just a “smart guy” trying to get under the skins of Bush and Olmert, and not knowing is dangerous. Just sitting and waiting until the missiles hit their targets would be irresponsible. Bush and Olmert have a duty to protect and defend the people of their countries. This is their dilemma. We have Amahdinejad telling the world clearly what he plans to do and firing the missiles for all the world to see. He is threatening and building the weapons to carry out that threat. What more does he have to do to convince us?

I wonder if a presidential candidate knew a missile was aimed at their home, what would they do? If elected, what would Obama and McCain do?

You just heard Obama say that Iran is a tiny country and doesn’t pose a serious threat to the U.S. Now listen to what he says later.

“Iran in particular poses a grave challenge. It builds a nuclear program, supports terrorism and threatens Israel with destruction…Ahmadinejad may talk about filling a vacuum in Iraq, but he’s badly mistaken.” In essence, Obama says he will handle Iran’s threats by talking, sanctions and a community of nations…blah, blah, blah. These have all been done and are ongoing. Obama just woke up and doesn’t know it yet. These have not worked. Obama is a greenhorn who doesn’t know what’s been going on for years. I do believe Obama could talk him to death.

Obama didn’t vote on the sanctions bill when it was passed in the Senate, the very action he is claiming he would carry out if elected. He was a “no show”. Here he admits that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons poses a grave threat to us and that they provide support and funding to armies and militias in Iraq and from there, Obama drifts off into sheer nonsense. I can’t tell you what he meant in the statements following. Here is what McCain would do if elected.


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