Declare a Day of Common Sense – June 21, 2008

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One-winged Eagle Can’t Soar!

The Blue Donkies latest bumper sticker slogan is, “You can’t drill your way out of this.” Who came up with that brilliant two-second sound byte? Of course you can. When the oil price was $10 a barrel, everyone was drilling and there was a glut of the commodity. Since the Blue Donkies have hog-tied America, oil prices have shot up. The world’s population has grown and foreign economies have improved, allowing more people to buy goods that are based on oil, such as vehicles, plastics, better homes, and the wealth to travel more. This increased demand has put pressure on the world’s oil supply, but the greatest nation on Earth is prohibited from adding to their supply. Now we use the supply of other nations without adding any to the pool.

Congress believes the oil belongs to them and are keeping it locked away from us. Some in Congress even believe that they “allow” Big Oil to operate and can take them over any time they wish. These elected officials need to quickly be reduced to NON-elected UNofficials. Americans need to give Congress a reality check and send them home. They’re getting too big for their “britches”, as we say in Texas. Everyone favors being good stewards of our planet. But taking it to a ridiculous and harmful extreme has to stop.

Vast wealth has been transferred from America to oil-producing nations around the world. The Saudis, Kuwaiti’s and others don’t have national deficits because they drilled and sold. Blue Donkies and Green Donkies have forced America to run the race with both feet tied together, forfeiting our wealth to nations who, in many cases, are hostile to us. This is lunacy. As America sits on her hands and watches the world discover more and more oil, sell it to us, their coffers burgeoning with cash, and our deficits balooning, the economy balances delicately on the edge of destruction.

What will happen if fuel prices become more than airlines can handle? They’ve been close to bankruptcy for years and fuel prices may just push them off the cliff. Eventually, they will have to raise fares so high that only the rich, such as Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Ted Turner, Barack Obama, Richard Sanders and the whole GW gang, will be the only people who can afford to travel. And travel they will! Brainwashing the world to continue the GW myth that is killing our economy.

What happens when school systems can no longer afford to run buses? Will children become truants in many cases? Or will that force more people to drive their kids to school, clogging the streets with more traffic, burning more fuel, and emitting more vehicle exhaust? Where does all this GW really get us? It gets a ton of cash into certain pcckets and out of ours. Another great transfer of wealth from us to the GW crowd.

What will happen to food and medicine prices when the fuel to deliver those goods to stores and drugstores becomes too high? Or when the salaries of nurses and doctors goes up because they spend so much on fuel to get to hospitals and clinics?

Crippling America is never a brainy idea. I don’t care what degrees these people obtained. What America needs now is plain common sense, which seems to be very much lacking in Congress. Perhaps we need to declare a “Day of Common Sense”, on which all elected officials use some, and vote to release their hostages.

There is no more time to do nothing.

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