Pat Robertson Favors Cap and Trade – June 13, 2008

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I’ve listened to Pat Robertson for many years and he has talked about the economy, and what affects it, consistently throughout those years. He’s no dummy when it comes to economics, politics or Christianity. Earning a Master of Divinity, a B.A., and a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, Pat is intelligent and well-educated.

I specialized in tax and corporate law, but took the requisite classes in contracts, torts, procedure, negotiable instruments, bankruptcy, estates and constitutional law. I graduated in 1955 with what later became a Juris Doctor degree.” Pat Robertson

His political knowledge is pretty hefty, too. Pat descends from a long and distinguished line of politicians. His father, Senator A. Willis Robertson served in Congress, as well as the U.S. Senate for many years. Pat ran in the Republican Party Primary for president of the United States in 1988, losing to George Herbert Walker Bush . He has travelled the world and had acquaintances with many world leaders.

But the most important asset he has is his closeness to God. He can and should spend time in prayer seeking God’s will and divine knowledge concerning global warming and the ramifications of adopting Al Gore’s agenda and legislating cap and trade. If global warming is a scam, God will most certainly lead Pat to that truth and will guide him away from appearing to support Al Gore’s scheme. Pat should also recognize the damage to America’s economy and the global economy, when this massive and intrusive program is unleashed on the American business community and the American consumer. Pat’s background, education and closeness to God should be leading him away from Gore and GW legislation. I don’t understand his stance in favor of GW and cap and trade.

As I’ve proven in this blog for over 15 articles, it is easy for anyone to learn of the fraudulent nature, faulty science, cherry-picking data, and deliberate ignoring of real facts that contradict GW. One only has to look at the major players and what steps they’ve taken to capture millions of dollars from this hoax, to suspect that something smells, and it’s not air pollution.

Here is Pat in his own words. and

Pat’s right in the sense that it is easy to be “converted” to GW if you don’t do your own homework on the “facts” presented by Gore and gang. Sometimes the heat records that are broken were years before we had carbon dioxide emissions of any great amounts. Then there’s the problem of the Ice Age that we no longer experience. Why did all of that ice melt, before the industrial age? What warmed the earth enough to change the Ice Age to the very livable four seasons age? There was no carbon emissions back then.

Again, I say – I don’t understand Pat Robertson supporting GW. It really seams as if he’s been converted and has not taken the time to study this issue. What would he say if he knew that this stems from a pagan religion of Gaia worship? Or that Al Gore and many of his gang openly refer to their Gaia/Mother Earth religion? I know Pat would not be a part of that.

And then there’s his surprising support of Rudy Giuliani for president. Whether you like Rudi or not, the Reverend Robertson shouldn’t support the candidate that believes in keeping abortion legal and has quite a few photos dressed in drag, which isn’t what all the fashionable world leaders (male that is) are wearing today.

There is always the possibility that God will get Pat’s attention and lead him to the truth.


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