A SHOCKER! – Installment 15 – June 10, 2008

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B. H. Obama will slam America into the global warming pit of no return the moment he takes office, according to his own words. He promises that it will take sacrifice and that this problem will be hard to solve. I assure you, he does NOT intend to sacrifice. That is meant for you and me. We will have to sacrifice. His adoring supporters will have to sacrifice, But he, Michelle and their two daughters, along with Al Gore and the gang, will never have to sacrifice.

He plans to set a hard cap on all carbon emissions at levels that scientists (who agree with Gore and certainly not those who hold differing views) say is necessary to curb global warming, an 80% reduction by the year 2050. That’s 30% more than the IEA in Paris said would cost $45 trillion.

Just last week, the International Energy Agency in Paris reported that it will cost $45 trillion to reduce emissions by 50% by 2050 and that this will take a herculean effort, buildng 32 nuclear power plants and increasing the number of power turbines by 17,000 EVERY YEAR UNTIL 2050! 32 nuclear plants a year times 42 years equals 1,344 new nuclear power plants built by 2050. I wonder who stands to gain from those construction orders? General Electric? Democrats who have howled about Halliburton getting business from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will have to shut up and defend their GE pals, who, by the way, are pushing hard for government to pass “STRONG LEGISLATION TO REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING”. Well, I guess so! They intend to get the orders for 1,344 new nuclear power plants. DUH!!!

It will also require increasing the number of power turbines by 17,000 per year. Times 42 years equals 714,000 more power turbines in the next 42 years. Guess who sells power turbines? Yep. GE. Is it surprising to learn that GE is lobbying for global warming legislation? Read it for yourself on GE’s web site at http://www.ge.com/products_services/index.html

As Obama said what should have been bad news, his ill-informed supporters who don’t have a clue that he meant they would sacrifice and they will pay the $45 trillion and their life style will be severely altered in a negative way, and most importantly, that it is they who will loose their freedom to government and global governance, THEY CLAPPED FOR THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION. Like sheep headed for the slaughter, each one walking of their own free will to the slaughter house, calmly following the sheep in front of them, not realizing where they are headed.

He explains that he will insure that all polluters pay based on the amount of pollution they emit into the sky – called a 100% auction. Here it comes. The money. The business of trading carbon credits – buying and selling of the rights to emit carbon – the big money grab. Richard Sandors owns the Chicago-based trading exchange. Wait. Hasn’t Obama been a state senator in Chicago for a few years – long enough to have a deal with Sandors? Nah. He wouldn’t do that. Look at his personal associations, like Tony Rezk0. I’m sure Obama is as honest as the day is long. I mean, he’s a politician. We all know how honest they are with our money.

He wants to use the 100% auction so that people can’t game the system. Right. Somoneone in the audience loudly responds, “Yea”. How naive! Obama says no business will be able to emit any greenhouse gases for free. So there is the new way of doing business. From the day he takes office, businesses who have emissions as part of their production system will start paying big fees just to operate. The cost of doing business will automatically be added to their products and services, which we all will pay everyday, in addition to much higher gasoline prices and higher food prices, oh , and higher taxes.

He re-iterates the need for sacrifice once more and then mentions solving the problem of racism. It’s obvious that he had the greatest opportunity for twenty years to reduce racism in his own community and church, but didn’t. If he says that he tried, then he’s a collosal failure. Either way, he missed an opportunity to prove to the American people that he can do all these things he is promising to do. Based on his record, I can’t see it happening.


Here, he campaigns for the cap and trade system. That’s the tell-tale sign that he’s in for a profit. He admits that he’s been in talks with Gore and has stated publicly that Gore will have a place at the table . The question is, what are their plans for Obama to profit from GW.

The presentation is skillfully worded to convince his audience that businesses will pay this, as they sit there not realizing that it is they who will pay. He talks about the oceans rising and Katrinas costing us trillions of dollars, but doesn’t mention that the GW agenda will cost $45 trillion. We’ve had one Katrina in my lifetime and he wants to implement draconian measures, spending $45 trillion to “try” to avoid another one. There hasn’t been another Katrina in three years. In fact, the U.S. had no hurricanes hit land last year. We had no GW legislation and it was cheaper and didn’t affect our lifestyle negatively. The oceans haven’t risen, nor do I see anyone moving inland in fear of them.

Katrina’s devastation was not from global warming, or even from the severity of the storm. It was from the collapse of the le
vies, the fact that New Orleans had been sinking, was below sea level and was built like a bowl which would hold water. New Orleans had spent the money intended for strengthening the levies on other things, ignoring numerous warnings over the years. Another major reason for the devastation was the fact that people insisted on living in the most dangerous zone. It would have been much different if they had moved farther inland, strengthened the levies, heeded the warnings, evacuated the city and used the school buses. None of the blame can go to global warming. We had a major killer hurricane in Galveston in 1900 when there were no polluting/warming industries to blame.

Obama states that “every scientist all across the world, except for maybe a couple in the White House, have determined that the climate is changing, weather patterns are changing, and that over the long term, it will have a significant damaging effect on the world economy and the U.S. economy.” If he’s really worried about that, and I doubt it, then he would not support the GW agenda, which will have a much worse effect.

He is either very ill-informed and uneducated on the subject, or he’s telling an outright lie when he states that every scientist around the world, except a couple in the White House, has determined that the climate is changing, weather patterns are changing and it will have a significant damaging effect on the world and U.S. economy. This simply isn’t true. There are many well-respected credible scientists who disagree with the premise, including Al Gore’s mentor and professor, Dr. Roger Revelle.

To the contrary, over 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition urging the U.S. government to reject the global warming agreement known as the Kyoto Treaty and any other similar proposals because they believe it would be harmful to the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind. They say there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.

In fact, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth. The petition letter is signed by Frederick Seitz, Past President of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A., and President Emeritus at Rockefeller University. Obama will get another email from me containing this information which he apparently isn’t aware of, as will McCain.

http://www.oism.org/pproject/s33p41.htm Petition Project

John Coleman, meteorologist for San Diego TV station KUSI, and Founder of The Weather Channel, calls it a “manufactured crisis” by “dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives” who have “manipulated long-term scientific data to create an illusion of rapid global warming.”

John Coleman

Taking aim at Al Gore and other “climate change” activists, the founder of the Weather Channel says the campaign to promote the theory of man-made global warming is “the greatest scam in history.”


There is no more time to do nothing!

Mr. Coleman suggests suing Gore and companies that sell carbon credits for fraud, hoping to get a legal debate that will expose the financial scam and settle the issue permanently. He believes that his side of the debate is being silenced and shut out. During discovery and presenting documents from both sides, with scientific testimony under oath, he is confident that the advocates of “no significant effect from carbon dioxide” WOULD WIN THE CASE. He says his side of the debate is being buried in mainstream media circles.


Al Gore used a computer generated video from the movie
“Day After Tomorrow” of ice caps melting in his documentary (using that term lightly), an Inconvenient Truth (or Lie), to prove global warming. Yeah, right! Works for Al. He got an Oscar for that. What did “Day After Tomorrow” producers get? Nothing.

To view it, visit: http://newsbusters.org/stories/al_gore_used_fictional_video_inconvenient_trut…


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