GLOBAL WARMING, A $45 TRILLION INDUSTRY – Installment 14 – June 06, 2008

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In a report by International Energy Agency based in Paris, it will take $45 trillion (yes, with a “TR”) to reduce carbon emissions 50% and switch to alternate fuels by 2050. It will require immediate policy action (read that “bans, mandates, permits, fees, taxes, loss of freedom) and technological transition on an unprecedented scale. This is based on a United Nations network of scientists . (Remember the UN’s involvement in the Global Warming/Sustainability propaganda. This report is based on their “scientific ” research. I don’t trust that they are being truly objective. They have an agenda.)

According to them, the world would have to build 32 new nuclear power plants and increase the number of power turbines by 17,ooo every year. Now who would benefit from this building bonanza? GE comes to mind. They make money on turbines, environmental products, clean coal technology, nuclear energy, solar power, gasification and other endeavors made necessary by GW. They definitely profit and profit hugely from GW legislation.

“Through our partnership with USCAP, we’re urging the U.S. government to enact strong legislation to reduce greenhouse gases. Learn about USCAP and how GE is addressing the challenge of climate change.” GE web site,

This is only one example. If you look at the companies pushing GW propaganda, you will see who stands to profit. The creators of GW propaganda have also created a new very lucrative industry. It’s lucrative for them and expensive for US.

Who will rake in lots of money from GW? GE and the other companies pushing for legislation. The Al Gores and Maurice Strongs and Richard Sandors, etc. who have opened businesses that capitalize on the GW legislation. And the politicians who will spend the trillions flooding into government coffers. They will build bridges and highways that run through property they just happen to own. I’ll call it GW Pork Spending (GWPS), or Climate Change Pork Spending (CCPS).

Where will the $45 trillion come from? Your pockets and mine. Every company will have to add the increase in the cost of doing business to their product or service. Their consumers will pay it. That’s YOU, ME, OUR FAMILIES, OUR FRIENDS, OUR NEIGHBORS, THE RICH, THE MIDDLE CLASS, THE POOR, THE YOUNG, THE OLD AND THE MIDDLE AGE. And if you don’t like the cost of gasoline now, wait until fuel manufacturers add their carbon emissions reduction costs to every gallon of gasoline! It will break your bank.

Before you succomb to the extensive television and print advertising campaign (read that “brainwashing”) regarding GW, do your own research. You will come to the conclusion that the promoters and supporters have so much to gain and you have so much to lose.

There is no more time to do nothing.


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