Happy Mother’s Day! – May 11, 2008

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Another Mother’s Day is here and every time it rolls around again, I remember the two most life-changing days in my entire existence – the days my two children were born. I choose to forget the pain and suffering and only remember the pride and joy I felt as I was handed the cutest, sweetest and dearest little bundles ever to grace the planet. I could hardly believe they belonged to me or that I would be responsible for their safety and upbringing. Wow. I remember that sinking in after my husband took us all home to “live”.

Every day living was both wonderful, full of love and kisses, and terrifying at the same time. I tip-toed in their rooms at least a dozen times during the night, softly laid my hand on their chests, just to reassure myself that they were breathing. The sleepless nights, the hours sitting in the rocker, the million diapers changed, the nite-nite kisses, bedtime prayers, one more drink of water and the teething. They all changed me forever, but in a good way. Becoming a parent is the catalyst that makes us all mature and become much less self-centered.

My children are grown up now and take care of themselves, for the most part. And while I don’t miss that whole diaper thing, I do miss them sitting in my lap looking at books, chattering about their day at the dinner table, blowing bubbles in the bath tub, and tucking them in bed at night.

So here’s to my two kids (and my two step-kids). You’ve made me a happy mother.

I hope my own mother can say that. I’ve been blessed with a truly wonderful, kind, caring and forgiving mother. It runs in our family, as both of my grandmothers were that way. Maybe the three older mothers managed to pass those traits down to me and hopefully I will be able to hand them down to my children. That’s what Mother’s Day is really about – the thread that runs from generation to generation, the glue that holds families and societies together – the lesson learned by example. Mother’s Day brings that example to the forefront and causes us to see it in the middle of our busy lives. Thank God for Mothers and Mother’s Day.


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