London’s Election for Change – May 03, 2008

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Photo of London’s new Mayor, Boris Johnson of the Tories’ conservative party.

London has elected a new mayor. The city, deemed by USA Today as rivaling Manhattan (Wall Street) as the world’s leading economic center, and will host the 2012 Olympic games, voted for change. They replaced the Labour Party’s incumbent mayor with the first conservative mayor in thirty years. On the whole, the election in England handed the Labour Party their worst defeat in forty years. They lost 400 seats while conservatives gained 300 seats.

The newly elected mayor, Boris Johnson, is being decimated by the press with their characterizations of him such as, “silhouettes of his iconic poses – scratching his unruly thatch of blonde hair, ambling along a road with hands stuffed in wrinkled pockets, gesticulating wildly to make a debating point, uncombed, rumpled suited ex-magazine editor. Johnson cuts a curious figure, either waddling through posh London streets or clumsily pedaling his bicycle to Parliament.” They clearly want the public to believe this man is a bumbling buffoon.

Wow. No mention of his policy, his qualifications. Just his outward appearance. In this age of “green”, “global warming”, reduce the “carbon footprint”, they’re making fun of him for riding his bike to Parliament instead of arriving in a Mercedes which burns fuel. If you only read the press he gets, you are tempted to believe the guy’s a nut. BUT if you read about his positions on issues and why he took those positions, you find that he’s making a lot of sense, unless of course, you’re a member of the Labour Party, who opposes the conservative view. Johnson holds a degree from Oxford University and edited the magazine Spectator from 1999 to 2005.

I’ve seen photos of Mayor Johnson and he doesn’t look any different from Bill Clinton.

France similarly voted conservative to elect Nicolas Sarkozy defeating the second place Socialist Party candidate, Segolene Royal.

In April of 2008, Italians elected the People of Freedom Party, who is center-RIGHT, into power in Italy. From Wikipedia’s “Italian General Election, 2008”:

“The significant losers in the election were the far left parties, which fell from about 10% in total in the last election to about 5% in total, and lacking a unified coalition failed to obtain any seats in either house. The largest far left grouping, The Left – The Rainbow, obtained only about 3% of the vote, below the 4% threshold required for seats in the Chamber of Deputies. Its leader Fausto Bertinotti stepped down immediately after the election.”

With France, Italy and Great Britain moving to the right after living with the policies of the left for many years, perhaps America should give a lot of thought to the wisdom of staying on the right side.


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