Let’s Stop This Now – May 03, 2008

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Obama now asks the voters to suspend their common sense and believe that he sat in Rev. Wright’s services for twenty years and that he was closely associated with the crazed pastor of hate for all those years and did not know about Wright’s insane beliefs. That he had never heard Wright make any hateful or bizarre statements. That he didn’t know Wright was involved up to his eyeballs in black liberation theology and Black Islam a.k.a. Louis Farrakhan.

This makes Obama one of two things. A straight out liar of the worst kind or totally unintelligent. Neither is acceptable for the president of the United States.

In his “slap down” speech disavowing Wright, Obama said that he stayed in the church because he loved the congregation. But this brings up the same question all over again. Did Obama notice that the members of Trinity United Church of Christ stood to their feet, cheered, clapped, danced and shouted in agreement with the radical rantings of a mad man? Does Obama ask us to believe that he also didn’t know that the whole church congregation shares Wright’s fanatical world views?

Come now. It’s just not possible. I hardly think that Obama is that dumb. His college achievements seem to disprove that theory, which leaves us with only one. Obama is being dishonest with the American people. How many times do Americans want to elect dishonest politicians and then spend the next several years griping and complaining about it? Let’s stop this now.


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