The “Wright” Thing to Do in Chicago – April 26, 2008

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Police prepare for another weekend of violence in South Side Chicago this weekend. The recent shootings of gang members may trigger revenge killing on the streets and police want to head off as much as possible. As residents brace for another round of murder and mayhem, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright makes the rounds of television shows trying to clean up his image.

If he’s the good man his defenders say he is, he should be on the streets talking to the youth about the consequences of violence on themselves and their neighborhoods. His buddies, Father Pfleger, Louis Farrakhan, Kanye (Con ya) West and others should hold street rallies and even go door to door to reach these gang bangers with weapons. Artists (and I use that term loosely) in the gang banger music industry should be called upon by Rev. Wright to use their influence in a positive message encouraging these kids to stay in school, go to college, even if it’s a community college and live the good life. Wright and the Wrong Boys could show these young people how to become successful in a rich white man’s world – since they have done it themselves. They should be willing to share the wealth and the love. Don’t just give them a fish, but teach them how to fish.

Right should consider using that $10 million line of credit to start a college fund for any thugs that want to come in off the streets and trade their guns for pencils. I’ve read that Wright has done so much good for the community, but I also read the inflammatory tripe he’s served up in that same community for years. Advocating a hatred that simmers inside until it erupts into violence. He bears much of the blame for an angry youth in South Side. I have NOT read where Obama made any serious effort to stop it and turns things around – you know – CHANGE! Instead, he settled right in and got comfy.

“Our playgrounds have become battlegrounds. Our streets have become cemeteries. Our schools have become places to mourn the ones we’ve lost,” Obama told a standing-room-only congregation at Vernon Park Church of God on Chicago’s Far South Side.

The Illinois Democrat recounted how 32 Chicago public schoolchildren were killed during the last school year, and noted that two more teens were shot in the past week in a South Side schoolyard.

The shocker: This is dated July 15, 2007

Nothing has changed. The situation is worse. There were the same number of murders in 2008, except that they reached that number by April.

Obama used “fiery rhetoric” (according to the Chicago Tribune) to “mourn the city’s recent spate of gun violence and challenged the government……to stop it.

Why the government? It isn’t the government listening to gang banger music teaching hate, murder and violence. Nor is it the government spewing wild conspiracy theories to congregations about rich white men killing blacks with AIDS deliberately. Now, it is the government teaching all of America’s children that they are nothing more than higher order animals and how to put condoms on bananas. That combination alone could cause youth to think that behaving like animals is all that’s required of them. I mean, how else could they act? You couldn’t expect them to believe they were created by a God with a spirit and a conscience and that they should embrace and live by good morals. What animal has morals?

Rev. Wright and the Wrong Boys need to stop their hate speech and go into the streets where their converts are and ACTUALLY CHANGE the atmosphere to HOPE IN THE FUTURE BY DOING GOOD NOT EVIL.


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