Chicken Comes Home to Roost – April 25, 2008

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Jeremiah Wright declares that he’s been taken out of context deliberately to hurt Obama. Come on, now. We heard him say it – from his own mouth. No doubt about it. Wright says the media took sound bytes, short snippets, and are not considering the entire sermon. Well, I’ve got a question. If you hate America, how long does it take you to say that? “I hate America.” That took me three seconds. It could be called a “snippet”, if I wanted to discredit anyone reporting what I said. I could defend myself with, “They just took a snippet of my hour and a half sermon.” Common sense tells anyone that it doesn’t matter how long it was. If your sentence was quoted in its entirety, then everyone knows what you said. For the record, Wright made plenty more equally radical statements. Each one, by themselves, only took a few seconds to say and play on YouTube or television.

The videos on YouTube are about five minutes long, giving Wright ample time to make his point, which is exactly what the media has been saying about him. He’s radical and hates America, blaming this country for the actions of murderous terrorists. As if that wasn’t objectionable enough for most Americans, he also says he believes this government has conspired against blacks, purposely giving them the AIDS virus and other equally ridiculous things. To put a finer point on it, Wright spoke these things with great passion and enthusiasm and animated body language.

There’s no mistaking what Wright believes and what he is infecting his congregation with. People who sit in that church listening to that “stuff” for twenty years, would have to agree with it, or they would otherwise think like most of America -“This guy’s a crackpot. I’m outta here.”

Wright was asked in a recent interview by Bill Moyers what he thought about Obama disavowing Wright’s remarks. His answer: Obama is a politician. He says what he has to say. I’m a pastor. I say what a pastor has to say.

To me, that infers that Obama doesn’t tell the truth to the voters because he has to say what is necessary to get elected. I resent that. As for those defending Wright’s outrageous rantings, it is worth noting that Obama has stated that he vehemently disagrees and strongly condemns the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. Uh, unless that is also what he needs to say to get elected and doesn’t represent his true beliefs, as suggested by Wright.

The whole rotten mess smells. There is no way I would vote to bring this into the White House.

With all the successful people attending that church, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Obama, and someday their children, and the Rev. Wright, I don’t see why they are still saying that rich white men are keeping them down. Wright’s home costs over a million dollars in a gated neighborhood with rich white men and he has a $10 million dollar line of credit to boot. What’s to complain about? Which rich white men allowed Wright and Obama to have what they have now? I want them to publicly credit the rich white men who stopped keeping them down and decided to allow them to succeed. (if you believe their views)

Wright charged that America deserved the death and destruction of September 11, 2001 because of all the murdering we did overseas. His comment was that “America’s chickens are coming home to roost!” He never foresaw the day that his own chickens would come home to roost when everyone else became aware of what he was teaching his church members.

Listen to him squawk now. It’s about time!


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