In Case BaRock Missed It – April 17, 2008

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The Pope of the Catholic Church came to America yesterday on his eighty-first birthday. Multiple thousands crowded the parade route just to catch a glimpse of him travelling along in the famous Popemobile. They cheered wildly, clearly fond of him and loving him, showing him great respect. Why would this humble, soft-spoken man receive such adoration and honor? There can only be one reason. He represents people’s faith in God. He is partly their connection to God.

The next morning, by one priest’s estimate, 50,000 people filled the stadium for mass with the world’s God connection. It’s doubtful that all of these thousands upon thousands over the last two days were all small town bitter jobless people just clinging to faith in frustration. This crowd was anything BUT frustrated. They were jubilant, joyous and inspired. There was unity here, all races, ages, cultures, men and women and I would venture to say, both Democrat and Republican.

In case BaRock missed it, this entire nation is a Christian nation whose faith is central to their lives. It is their faith in God that unites them. Nothing BaRock could do would unite all of these people like the Pope has. And it’s not as much the Pope, although he does deserve some of the credit because of his character and dedication, as it is our collective faith in a God that is big, wonderful, loving, holy and most of all, accessible to all.

The politicians’ boastful, proud and loud negativism has done nothing but divide us. If they notice this, they might see that humbleness, serving people with the love of God directing and inspiring them, honesty and honor, decency and dedication and above all a strong faith in God that comes out in their behavior as well as their declarations, will draw people to them and together to join in a common cause.

It may be an act of God to send the Pope to America in the middle of a bitter fight between presidential wanna-bes. One expected to be crowned Queen with little opposition, just because she is who she is. The other was actually called the Messiah by pundits because he convinced the masses that he could save us.

Then the Pope arrived. He has said nothing about the candidates or the campaigns, but by merely standing before us all we can clearly see a contrast. His presence alone has put everything in proper perspective for us. It is eye-opening and refreshing. We look at him and see who we are and who we should be.

Can we vote for any of these candidates and have a realistic expectation for unity? No. Can we vote Democrat or Republican and expect unity? No. What unites us is a common faith in one God – not several Gods – not many different paths of our own devising – but all travelling the same path, all going in the same direction toward the same God. When we all study the same book, live by the same principles and speak the same truth, we will find that with little effort WE ARE UNITED.


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