Slick Willie and Slick Hillie – April 11, 2008

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The constantly conniving Clinton couple couldn’t come clean concerning Colombia. Try saying that three times! Because you might have to.

1. Hillary Clinton’s conflict with Mark Penn, her former senior campaign strategist, was over his meeting with representatives of the Colombian government March 31, 2008, “to help craft a strategy to move the Colombian free trade agreement through Congress. Colombia agreed last year to pay Burson-Marsteller $300,000 to help win passage of the trade deal.” The Wallstreet Journal

Penn met with the Colombian government in his capacity as chief executive of the public relations firm. The problem is that Hillary has said she opposes this free trade agreement. Pres. Bush is sending it to Congress, forcing lawmakers to vote within 90 days. Hillary has to come out against it because she very much needs to win Pennsylvania, where they blame trade agreements for their loss of jobs to other countries. Angering Penn voters will most assuredly give the nomination to Obama.

Penn’s apology got him fired by the Colombian government and Hillary demoted him to an advisor. This is so funny. He only did it because he needed “Penn money”. And she only fired him because she needed “Penn voters”.

2. CLINTON CONFLICT: Bill Clinton was paid by Gold Service Int’l, a Bogota-based business development group, over $800,000 for four days of appearances in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil in 2005. The group supports the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Bill Clinton has been public about his support for Colombia’s request for U.S. trade preferences since 2000. As President of the U.S., Bill was very proud of his successful efforts to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Hillary now says she opposed then and opposes now.

Bill isn’t the only one proud of his presidency. Hillary repeatedly praises him on the campaign trail. (I’m sure she wasn’t talking about his support for NAFTA, his affairs with women, his impeachment, his perjury…..Well, she was probably proud when he called for putting 100,000 more police on the streets. Was that ever executed? I remember a debate about it being an unfunded mandate and many cities couldn’t afford it.)

Bill campaigns with his wife and his very presence will be a reminder to Penns that they lost their jobs when Bill sent them out of the U.S. through trade agreements. With the slogan, “You get two for the price of one, if you elect Hillary”, voters may wonder how much influence Bill will have over Hillary’s decisions on the Colombian Free Trade Agreement and others that may come up during her term. If anyone dangles enough money in front of Bill, he will support any trade agreement they want.

3. White House records show that First Lady Hillary Clinton attended several meetings designed to build congressional support for NAFTA in the early 1990s. She says now that she opposed them. She probably “can’t recall”…

In addition to Bill, and probably Hillary, and Mark Penn, the Colombian connection runs all through the Clintons’ aides and staff. Three other PR firms were paid more than $1 million collectively to negotiate or lobby on behalf of this deal. One firm is Glover Park Group set up by former Bill Clinton administration aides, including Joe Lockhart, former spokesman for Bill. Then there’s Howard Wolfson, Hillary’s campaign communications director, who has since taken a leave of absence from the firm. Lobbyists at Johnson, Madigan, Peck, Boland & Stewart, whose partners include another former aide in the Clinton White House, Bill Danvers, have separately met with pro-business Democrats like Rep. Joseph Crowley of N.Y. Andrew Samet, a deputy secretary of labor in the Clinton Administration, has been hired under yet another lobbying contract. It’s difficult to see how Hillary has any credibility on this issue.

What needs to be pointed out is the HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST brewing here. Even if Hillary is never president, she IS a New York SENATOR right now and has been for years. As man and wife, Hillary benefits from moneys earned by her husband. He was paid over $800,000 for his Colombian Free Trade Agreement influence peddling. And don’t think for one moment that he hasn’t figured out a way to capitalize on business opportunities in Colombia once it’s passed. Hillary will say that she opposes it to win the Penn votes. Once she is in the White House, she will “take a second look” at the issue and feel the need to change her position. Bill will be backing up the truck.

Whether the trade agreement is the right or wrong thing to do is not the issue here. Whether Hillary profits from her vote through her ex-president’s influence peddling is of monster importance. It’s much worse than selling the Lincoln Bedroom!


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