Clinton’s Charitable Giving – April 10, 2008

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I’ve read that the Clinton’s donated about $10 million to charity. I suspected a catch and now it’s out. They set up a Clinton Foundation and donated about half of that $10 million to their own foundation, saying that they could pinpoint the use of their donation that way. (uh, yeah)

I have two questions.

Is this simply a way to shelter that money from taxes?

Has this money actually been funded to charities, or is it still sitting there sheltered from taxes?

These are ligitimate questons because she is running for president and wants to raise everyone else’s taxes.

It is notable that Bill Clinton is managing the Clinton Foundation, raising money, asking for donations, while advising his wife’s presidential campaign, where there is also a lot of fund-raising and asking for donations. He is also raising money for the Bill Clinton Presidential Libray. (And she says the economy is terrible. Perhaps she and Bill should stop tapping into it so heavily. Couldn’t that money be spent on feeding the hungry and housing the homeless instead of building ivory towers to the Clintons?)

Is there any overlap of donors between all the Clinton’s entities? Are any of the donors expecting “help” from a future Pres. Hillary Clinton? I bet, if you ask Hillary, she would answer, “I don’t recall.”


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