Tax the Rich – April 05, 2008

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The Clintons’ tax returns from 2000 to 2007 were released Friday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., which is the standard “document dump” day and hour when there just might be something you hope won’t make the evening news until much later when it can be deemed as “old news” and thereby no longer an issue. You hope no one is listening over the weekend when it breaks and news channels are replaying regular weekday programming and 3 mintues of “new” news.

$109 Million in a recession (according to Democrats) is the couples’ seven-year earnings. That’s in addition to the campaign funds raised in the last year and a quarter. According to, Hillary’s campaign has raised:

Total Receipts: $169,003,120
Total Spent: $135,828,257
Cash on Hand: $33,174,862
Debts: $8,733,609
Date of last report: February 29, 2008

She raised at least $1 million per day in the first half of February. Her March receipts will be due to the FEC by April 20.

I hope Hillary continues to grind on about the poor in America and how she has spent her life concerned about and helping the poor, because it looks more like she and her husband have spent their lives figuring out how to make millions and millions of dollars. If that sounds harsh, just remember their solution to the huge legal debts they incurred from their shady deals, lost documents, and various scandals of their own making – ask for donations to their legal fund. There was no talk of paying their own debts with their own money.

I have no problem with people becoming wealthy, even very wealthy. I believe in the American dream. However, when a person gets elected on the basis that they care so much for the poor, there should be “easy to see” evidence that the person is doing something concrete about it. What does not qualify is standing on the floor of the Senate or in the White House and proposing that everyone else’s pay checks be garnished and re-distributed to the poor. Hillary should have gotten out of her personal ivory towers, gone down to where there really are some poor people and done something tangible.

Here’s what she does:

Clinton said earlier Friday in Memphis, as she spoke in memory of Martin Luther King Jr., that she would appoint a cabinet-level position “fully devoted to ending poverty as we know it in America.”

She has the means to end a lot of poverty with some of her money. The future looks bright for she and Bill to make millions more. Bill and Hillary Clinton should aspire to be on the list of the top 50 philanthropists with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Haim Saban, The Buffets, The Walton Family, Alfred Mann, Michael and Susan Dell, George Kaiser, David Rockefeller, Paul Allen, Bernard Marcus, Kirk Kerkorian, T. Boone Pickens, Dawn (Jerome) Greene, James Simons, Oprah Winfrey, Danny and Marlowe Thomas, Dan Duncan.

I only saw one elected official on this list, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

One charity spokeswoman commented that the money Hillary has spent in this campaign, even a portion of it, would have fed a lot of starving people. This will be the most expensive election in America’s history.

I should mention that Hillary did spend some of her campaign funds on feeding hungry people.…

Dunkin’ Donuts – $1,258, Krispy Kreme – $ 175, Iowa Supermarket – $96,079, Subway Sandwiches – $2,500, Centro, restaurant in Des Moines – $2,000

Her campaign also funded:

$370 for parking citations in S. Carolina and New Hampshire, $217,00 Enterprise and Hertz Rental Cars, The Bellagio in Las Vegas – more than $25,000 and more than $25,000 in increments of $35 to Tzell Travel Group last month alone and of course, valet parking $918.

It’s been published before that Hillary donated $1 million to unnamed children’s charities from the proceeds of her book, “It Takes A Village”. She made $10.5 million from her other book, ” Living History.” Without the figure for 2007, which isn’t available yet, the charitable donations of the two multi-millionaires was $7,237,741. The charities haven’t been named in any publication that I could find yet. Perhaps that is coming soon. It will be interesting to see where their charitable donations went. Since they are rich, they paid about one third of their income in taxes. We don’t now why Bill was a business partner of Ron Burkle and that investment fund was registered in the Cayman Islands, notorious for tax sheltering.


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