If It’s Economy…. – March 30, 2008

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Hillary wants to fix America’s economy. Before we trust her with that job, let’s take a look at her track record and see if she has the talent to do so.


“Cash-strapped Clinton fails to pay bills

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months — freeing up cash for critical media buys but also earning the campaign a reputation as something of a deadbeat in some small-business circles.”

A pair of Ohio companies owed more than $25,000 by Clinton for staging events for her campaign are warning others in the tight-knit event production community — and anyone else who will listen — to get their cash upfront when doing business with her. Her campaign, say representatives of the two companies, has stopped returning phone calls and e-mails seeking payment of outstanding invoices. One even got no response from a certified letter.

The New York senator’s presidential campaign ended February with $38 million in the bank, according to a report filed last week with the Federal Election Commission, but only $16 million of that can be spent on her battle with Obama.

The rest can be spent only in the general election, if she makes it that far, and must be returned if she doesn’t. If she had paid off the $8.7 million in unpaid bills she reported as debt and had not loaned her campaign $5 million, the cash she would have had available at the end of last month to spend on television ads and other upfront expenses would have been less than $2 million. (End of article portion)

The candidates have raised almost $1 billion to fund their campaigns in an economy that they say is in shambles and even in a recession. $1 billion isn’t bad for a recession. What would they have raised in a good economy? Wow. How well has Hillary managed her funds? It’s not looking that good. And she wants to manage everyone’s health care. She wants to tinker with social security, the IRS tax dollars and the national budget.

Together, Hillary and Obama are spending money like it grows on trees and none of their constituents need it. Is this an indication of how Hillary and Obama would spend the national budget?

Hillary’s campaign fund is in recession and shambles. Her managemnet skills include 1) not paying the bills, 2) stop answering the phone, 3) don’t respond to certified letters, 4) KEEP SPENDING LIKE MONEY GROWS ON TREES and 5) worry about where it will come from tomorrow.

Obama’s skills are unknown, but he does know where to get money if he needs more.


CHICAGO – Presidential candidate Barack Obama said Friday that he got more political money from indicted Chicago businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko than he has previously acknowledged.

Rezko helped raise up to $250,000 for his various political races, Obama’s campaign said. The campaign had previously put the figure at $150,000 but now says that amount was only for his 2004 Senate race.

And in interviews with two Chicago newspapers, the Democrat again said it was a mistake to involve Rezko in his purchase of a new home — not just because Rezko was under federal investigation but because he was a contributor and political activist.

Rezko is on trial on charges including mail fraud and attempted extortion. Federal prosecutors say he tried to use his connections to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to demand kickbacks from companies wanting to do business with state government.

(In spite of this, Obama still says “He never gave me any gifts [IF YOU DON’T COUNT $250,00 OR THE HOUSE PURCHASE DEAL] or gave me any indication he was setting me up to ask for any favors in the future.” Excuse me, but that’s what this guy, Rezko, does! That’s exactly what he’s on trial for. )

Rezko advised Obama on buying a new Chicago home in 2005 and Rezko’s wife bought a vacant lot next to the Obamas’ house. Rezko’s wife, Rita, later sold part of the lot to Obama so they would have a bigger side yard.

Obama said he got no price break on his new house because Rezko was buying the lot next door from the same sellers. And he said it was Rezko’s idea, not his, to buy the lot.

“He said, ‘Well, I might be interested in purchasing the lot.’ And my response was, ‘That would be fine,'” Obama said. “This is an area where I can see sort of a lapse in judgment, where I could have said ‘No, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

Obama will need far greater judgment as president than he’s shown so far. Either he’s crooked or he’s too young and naive. Those are dangerous traits for one managing America’s huge budget, the national debt, our health care and the IRS tax dollars.


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