The Pied Piper – March 26, 2008

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Rock star status means that a person has become a celebrity beyond the norm – that almost everyone swoons over them. They draw record crowds. Accolades are showered on them, deserved or not. They are superhuman. They can do no wrong. Fans get very angry over any criticism, even if it’s true. It doesn’t matter if they have real talent or not, are smart or not, make a difference in the world or not, just that they make people “feel” great. A rock star is anointed with celebrity for three reasons: they have good looks/sex appeal, they are very wealthy or they have the “gift of gab” (smooth talker). I didn’t include talent, because there are millions with real talent who have never been rock stars. Talent alone doesn’t get one noticed to the degree of rock star status, and one doesn’t need talent to achieve rock star status (Paris Hilton).

Barack Obama has all three; good looks/sex appeal (according to some news articles I’ve read), wealth (look at his tax returns recently published – $1.6 million in 2005) and the gift of gab (his speeches get the crowd on their feet cheering – and no one can tell you what he plans to do specifically if elected). When you have all three of the criteria, your star doesn’t rise, it rockets to the loftiest, brightest position in the celebrity heavens, a.k.a. media. BaROCK Obama for President!

Let’s give him the country without question. Let’s waste no time investigating him before we give him the greatest power any man holds on the planet. Forget his associations with racist hate-mongers and crooks. He is sacred. Don’t question his beliefs, morals, experience, motives or plans for the future. Don’t look at his associations. Definitely DO NOT CRITICIZE HIM or you will be publicly flogged or worse. BaROCK Obama is a Rock Star!

His middle name is off-limits. Maybe because it could be linked phonetically with insane. His last name cannot be linked with Osama, even by mistake. Don’t forget. ABSOLUTELY NO “Insane Hussein” and NO Osama Obama or vice-versa. I agree, totally. That is counter-productive and unfair. So far, his first name is still acceptable for use. If not, we’re down to “Senator” or “Your Highness.”

Barack is probably the name of choice because it lends itself to BaROCK the Rock Star or BROCK for short. Why don’t we all just get along and give him the White House? The door to the Oval Office can sport a star like the dressing rooms in Hollywood with the name “Rock” underneath. His credits will include The David Letterman Show, the Jay Leno Show, Saturday Night Live, the Opray Winfrey Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, etc., etc. etc.

He has the endorsements of Oprah, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons,, OK Go, Pearl Jam, The Grateful Dead, Shudder to Think, Kathleen Turner, Robert DeNiro, Hulk Hogan, Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, David Wain, Alberta Cross, Joan As Police Woman, Stevie Wonder, Black Eyed Peas, Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, Q-Tip and much of the entertainment industry. Surprised?

A rock star in the White House will certainly bring about change – from respect to celeb – from substance to fluff – from statemanship to smooth talk – from character to “I’m human” – from teamwork to super star driven – from accomplishment to photo ops. The White House will be rockin’, or should I say hip-hoppin’ and rappin’.

“Rock’s” star has eclipsed Bill Clinton’s, who used to be Hollywood’s favorite, only because Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet, when Bill ran for president. Rock has united the internet’s social networking tools with old-fashioned door knocking techniques for campaigning, according to Rolling Stone Magazine’s Eric Bates who endorses Rock because he sees in Obama political gifts that come along once in a generation. Bates said that Rock generates chemistry and portrays and exhibits intellectual and emotional honesty that strikes a chord resulting in mass turnouts. Bates is very impressed with the way Rock has changed the nature of campaigning in a way no other candidate ever has. He further states that it’s not about policy positions and there is not much separating Rock from Hillary. He says that Rock wins stylistically and that Hillary’s is disgusting (his words, not mine – Click on the far right title “Rolling Stone endorses Obama”)

Bates brags about how much of the youth vote Rock gets. Pardon me for saying so, but a large number of youth associated with the Rolling Stone Magazine are drug users, as are a good number of the rockers, hip-hoppers, rappers, and the entertainment industry at large. We’re all too familiar with arrests, auto accidents, shootings, and rehab stints in this constituency. I’m not saying they all behave this way, just that the youth vote associated with Rolling Stone Mag. includes a lot that do. Rock has admitted to using weed, inhaling frequently because that was the point and using cocaine in his youth. I hope today’s youth aren’t voting for him because they relate to that and think he’s okay with the law-breaking, life-wrecking behavior.

My question is why anyone gives the presidency to someone because of their campaigning style . Once a person gets in the White House, the campaigning is over and there must be strong leadership, good moral values, good judgment and wisdom, and not giving in to peer pressure. If a person wants to remain popular, they have to give in on issues of great importance. That isn’t good in high school, college or the Presidency. Doing what is right often means doing what is unpopular. It’s no “show” with applause at the end. Rock IS good at “no shows” when it comes to voting on issues that require unpopular stands which could cost him votes, according to his fellow senators.

Why did Bill Clinton and Rock Obama rise to stardom? Because of their gift of gab. They are both smooth talkers, very charming and persuasive. But of course they are. They are trained to be lawyers, gifted talkers, crafting the closing arguments, wordsmiths toying with the definitions of words, able to “talk around” an issue without making any commitments or admiting or denying anything, not allowing themselves to be pinned down one way or the other, saying a lot without really saying anything, explaining in lofty terms that mean little or nothing in reality. “Hope”, “Change”. These are such broad terms that the listener can construe them to mean whatever is important to them personally. No wonder Rock appeals to everyone. Every individual believes he is talking about that which they think is important.

I don’t want to follow the Pied Piper to my doom. I want a plain-spoken down to earth person who tells us where he/she stands, knowing that not everyone will agree. I don’t want a rock star floating around in the celestial media protecting his/her rock star status, afraid to make committing statements because he likes it up there. Feet on the ground rather than head in the clouds. No rock stars in the White House. I prefer grounded people with true convictions. If that means partisan, so be it. Who is the Pied Piper? He stole the children of the town with his lofty pipe tunes/ dreams. Electing a pied piper exacts a price. When it comes time to pay the piper, I hope the price isn’t too high. I hope it isn’t our children or our children’s future.


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