Raining Money – March 27, 2008

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In the Democrats’ debate in Austin, Texas in February, Obama … beat Clinton to the punch in declaring that the economy is “in shambles”. http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2008/02/22/ny_senators_rhetoric_fa…

During a town hall meeting Monday at a community college near Pittsburgh, Obama said the “economy is in shambles.” He wants the economic stimulus package signed by Mr. Bush to be supplemented by tax cuts this year. Clinton says this is a time of economic “stress and uncertainty.”…

Which brings us back to the beginning. What are Democrats–all Democrats–actually for in 2002? Though some party leaders realized that campaigning on the economy got them nowhere–“No one has really felt the pain of the Bush economic policies yet,” says Democratic Senate whip Harry Reid–many believe it’s time to go after Bush’s tax cut. “The economy is in shambles because of that tax cut,” says Pennsylvania Governor-elect and former D.N.C. chair Ed Rendell. “We can translate that into things people understand: ‘You’re not going to get money you need for social services to make your life better. Why? Because they gave all the money away in a tax cut.’ Find everything that people are concerned about, everything that they need from government in their lives, and attach it to tax cuts.”

Democrats were yelling “economy is in shambles” way back in 2002. Every election cycle, except when a Democrat president is running for re-election, the Democrats pull out the old “economy is in shambles” game plan. In 2002, they admitted that it didn’t work because no one was feeling it.

They don’t care what the facts are and trust me, they know. Proof: Reuters News story at http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSN2640367720080326?feedType=RSS&fee…

“Big Money in Politics – sign of excess?” by Deborah Charles, March 26, 2008.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With eight months to go before the U.S. presidential election, the candidates have raised almost $1 billion to fund their campaigns — more than the size of the economies of several African countries.

The unusually long race for the White House — which began in earnest more than a year ago — has been a cash bonanza, especially for Democrats who are breaking all records.

Republicans lag behind.

While they were careful not to criticize the American political process, people in some aid organizations mentioned other possible uses for so much money.

An official with CARE, one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations fighting global poverty, said even a fraction of $1 billion could help tens of millions of people.

Experts said the amounts being spent in this presidential election are much higher than in most other countries, though still only a fraction of what Americans spend advertising some basic products or eating out in restaurants.

(end of article)

I’m tired of Democrats lying to the American people, playing on their fears, and actually hurting citizens by talking down the economy.

Perhaps the Democrats should put their money where their mouth is. Just say” no” to asking cash-strapped heavily indebted Americans (if you believe that) to donate their grocery money or their children’s college funds or their gasoline money or their medicine money to put themselves in the White House. They say they are worried about so many people losing their homes and jobs. If they really believe America’s economy is in shambles and the people are suffering, then stop asking for what money they do have. How hard-hearted and selfish of them to have their hand out all the time, spending it on flying around the country in airplanes, staying in hotels (taking large staffs with them) feeding everyone, advertising and printing costs, television ads, etc., etc., etc. They don’t act like they believe the economy is in shambles.


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