“SNIPPETS” and “SNIPERS” – March 25, 2008

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The Democrats’ mantra for years has been, “BUSH LIED”. Their new mantras are “SNIPPETS” and “SNIPERS”. The Republicans can now adopt the mantra, “CLINTON LIED – AGAIN” and/or “OBAMA LIED”.

Hillary Clinton has obviously lied about her trip to Bosnia and the media has exposed her. Her snipers were real, just not firing when she landed. I wondered why she took her young daughter to such a dangerous situation. Turns out, it wasn’t as dangerous as she has said many times in public. Watching news footage, one notices that Chelsea is right there, not wearing a helmet, her head his not ducked down to avoid sniper fire and no one is running to their cars. In fact, she and Hillary are receiving flowers from an eight-year-old girl and there indeed is a welcoming party, despite Hillary’s claim to the contrary. She says she made a mistake.

I was thinking about how many times I’ve mistakenly remembered having to duck my head under sniper fire and run to my car, when it never happened. Well, never. How does anyone remember such a nerve-wrecking experience, if it never happened? I know that I would remember it if I had to wear a helmet, protect my daughter, duck my head and run to avoid being shot and killed by a sniper somewhere in the distance. EVEN MORE, I KNOW that I would NEVER remember having that experience, if it NEVER happened! How does the mind trick a person into remembering such a dangerous, scary hair-raising situation? It doesn’t short of heavy drug use, which I doubt here. This is a case of a political candidate embellishing her “experience” to win an election. It is in fact, A LIE.

Obama is taking credit for getting bills passed that help people in need, when the truth is that others got the bill passed and he got his name associated with it after the work was done. He did this in the Illinois Senate, according to some of his fellow Senators and in the U.S. Senate more recently as commented on by his fellow U.S. Senators. See my previous blog for more details.

Obama also lied when he first said he had not heard his pastor make racially charged hate-filled charges against rich white men and the American government. He has since owned up to the truth, which is that he had heard them and was aware of them.

The candidates are trying to minimize their lies, Hillary calling hers a “mistake” and Obama calling his pastor’s remarks “snippets”, so that people will think we’re making much ado about nothing. Wright’s hate speech is ruining generations of people and could incite future race riots. That’s much more serious than a “SNIPPET”! Even if the meaning is that it is only a few minutes of speech, the damage is still serious and the harm is still great. There is no way to find Wright’s speech anything but racist hate. It is what it is – short or long. He also equated Bill Clinton shaking hands with Wright to Obama choosing Wright for mentor, pastor and close friends for twenty years. Please! We’re not that dumb. He equated his grandmother’s comment that she became fearful if a black man that she did not know approached her on a sidewalk to Wright’s multiple diatribes designed to foster hatred for rich white men, incite racist anger to a fever pitch, and poison the minds and hearts of thousands of people. No equation. Not even close.

The news media, forced to cover these stories, really hate to call their favorite candidates liars. They have chosen to call these “Pinocchio moments”, of all things. Pinocchio moments. ha. I never want to see “Bush lied” again. I demand to see “Bush’s Pinocchio moment”, instead.

If Al Gore was running, we’d be talking about his outright lies on global warming. Whether you believe in it or not, he has been caught in some real Pinocchio moments!

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