What Kind of Passion? – March 21, 2008

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Barack Obama recruits Jay-Z & Kanye West, hip-hop/rappers, to help convince the American public that he is the official “change” candidate.

Kanye West moved to Chicago with his mother when he was three years old after his parents divorced. Like Obama, Kanye’s parents were successful and don’t fit the description of Dr. Jeremiah Wright/Wrong’s bleak black experience in America. His mother, Dr. Donda West was a professor of English at Clark Atlanta University and the Chair of the English Dept. at Chicago State University, before retiring to serve as Kanye’s manager. Ray West, Kanye’s father, was a former BLACK PANTHER who was one of the first black photojournalists at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and is now a Christian counselor.

Kanye spent summers in Atlanta with his father. He was raised in an upper middle class background, attended the American Academy of Art and Chicago State University. He’s been very successful producing and performing and now has his own clothing line. His picture as Black Jesus was on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, February, 2006 issue to promote his single “Jesus Walks”. Reading the lyrics, you might think he’s encouraging people to turn to Jesus, but after winning a Grammy for the song, there was no more mention of Jesus and his lifestyle and language suggest that he “walked” on Jesus.

Since Obama has recruited Kanye West to help his campaign, it’s worth a look at Kanye’s political beliefs. Did I mention his father was once a Black Panther?


Entry in Wikipedia – “Political Views” (of Kanye West)

In the song “Crack Music”, he raps, “How [did] we stop the Black Panthers?/Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer”, a reference to the allegation that the Reagan administration intentionally placed crack cocaine in the ghettos of the United States.

In the song “Roses”, West raps about his grandmother’s struggle against AIDS and expresses his outrage at the availability of treatment: “If Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS / And all the broke *bleep* ( I could not include the word he used) passed away / You telling me if my grandma was in the NBA / Right now she would be okay?”. This is also a reference to Johnson’s unlikely recovery and highly publicized battle with the HIV virus. In the song “Heard ‘Em Say“, West raps, “And I know the government administered AIDS/So I guess we just pray like the minister say.”

Kanye West’s Torrent of Criticism, Live on NBC – Kanye went off script into an anti-government Bush-hating tyrade on a live NBC television fund-raising event for victims of Hurricane Katrina, until they cut his microphone. It was also being broadcast on CNBC, MSNBC and PAX. Kanye stated, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”, for which NBC apologized later.


  • The AIDS virus – On July 2, 2005, West appeared on the Philadelphia end of Live 8, using the global platform to comment on “man-made diseases placed in African communities,” endorsing the idea that AIDS was created by the U.S. government to exterminate Africans. The funny thing here is that regardless of where I looked, I didn’t find anywhere that even mentions that Kanye West has donated a penny of his money or a moment of his time to help fight the AIDS epidemic.

  • Political Insensitivity – While at Live 8, West also accused American politicians of insensitivity, claiming they “…ride home in their Benzes and Bentleys while poor Africans starve.” Apparently he feels more like an American politician than anything else because he isn’t exactly riding in a Pinto or taking the bus. Then there is the reproduction of the Sistine Chapel ceiling that he reportedly has in his dining room. I’m betting that the money he spent on that could have fed more than a handful of families.

    Demonstrating his views against George W. Bush, in a 2006 live orchestral performance of “All Falls Down” (later released on the “Late Orchestration” mixtape) West replaced “the White man gets paid off of all of that” with “George Bush gets paid off of all of that”.

  • Racism and President Bush – No one on the planet will ever forget West’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Did he …
    • Donate $25,000 and host a radio show asking for others to donate like Fat Joe?
    • Donate $50,000 and host a different radio show to raise money for survivors like T.I.?
    • Form his own charity to sponsor events to raise money as well as donating his own like Master P?
    • Donate a half a million dollars to relief efforts like Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Sean “Diddy” Combs?

    No – he simply announced that “George W. Bush doesn’t like black people” on the NBC Concert for Hurricane Katrina.

    Do the views of Kanye West sound familiar? Do they remind you of the views spouted by Dr. Jeremiah Wright/Wrong? Is there any reason why Obama chose Kanye to campaign for him, when there are so many celebrities that have a rapport with young people?

    I don’t buy the notion that Obama doesn’t share these same beliefs or that he didn’t know his pastor held these beliefs. Here is another Obama choice with the same poison in his heart and mind. Another hateful voice infecting the people with the same lies. Obama is attracted to them like bees are to honey.

    Obama says he’s the candidate for “change”. The question should be “What kind of change?” Will he change the White House to the Black House? Will Dr. Jeremiah Wright/Wrong, Louis Farrakhan, Black Islam, Black Panthers and black hip/hop and rappers sleep in the Lincoln bedroom and hold free-styles in the rose garden? I’m comfortable with Condoleeza Rice, Rod Paige, Collin Powell, and a host of other African-Americans in the White House, but those who hate America, who propulgate outright lies, infect the next generation with hatred, and stir up the emotions of crowds with racism, are too dangerous in the house of the Executive Branch.

    Here’s a clip from Trinity United Church of Christ on New Year’s Eve, 2008
    . It’s fitting that Obama chose Kanye, who posed as black Jesus because Dr. Jeremiah Wright/Wrong said that Jesus was a black man (even though he professes to be a Bible scholar).…

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