A Kernel of Truth – March 19, 2008

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzMFK_51NQc Obama’s speech in Philadelphia 3/18/08

Barack Obama tried to explain his twenty year close relationship with Dr. Jeremiah Wright/Wrong today in a speech he delivered in Philadelphia, ironically, the city of brotherly love. He tried to minimize the extreme racist hate speech by referring to it as “snippets”. I’ve watched the videos of Dr. Wright/Wrong and they don’t strike me as “snippets”. Watch, listen and see if you characterize this as “snippets.”


When the Wright/Wrong videos first came to light and Obama was asked about them, he claimed straight-faced that he did not know about them when they occurred, but if he had, he would have disavowed them. However, yesterday and today he has said he did hear them and he condemned some of those statements and disagreed with his pastor’s political views. Obama has already been caught in a lie. But this is not the first time.

Obama wants to gloss over the black liberation pastor’s statements and rants, as if he’s like an old uncle that he doesn’t always listen to. I wonder what kind of person Obama really is. Why does he go to church? Pastors are our spiritual teachers and leaders. We go to church to learn from our pastor. Obama is learning from Wright/Wrong, as are his children. And here is where the real crime exists.

We’re all familiar with agriculture. If we plant one kernel of corn, it will grow into a stalk and bear at least one ear of corn, which yields about 800 more kernels. Each one of them has the potential to bear another 800 kernels, making possible 640,000 new kernels resulting from the original one.

Dr. Wright/Wrong has been planting seeds (kernels) of racisism, hatred, division, anti-Americanism (if that’s a word) and promoting outright lies from the pulpit in the hearts and minds of every person in his congregation, which is quite large. The very young, as yet unbiased, are being indoctrinated with Wright’s distorted views, and the mature audience is being persuaded and hardened in these radical beliefs. There’s the great harm done to our society.

It is harmful to each individual who will live their life captured by these crippling and erroneous beliefs and it is harmful to society as a whole for obvious reasons. Our country suffers and there is no end in sight. When the question arises, “Why hasn’t America finally gotten beyond racism, hatred and bigotry?”, I hold Dr. Wright/Wrong and all the others like him totally responsible. They have a platform from which they could properly and truthfully educate the people. Over time, a properly educated people, both black and white, would get past the barriers. But kernels capable of multiplying by the hundreds, then thousands, then millions, are being planted in each new generation, while the older generations are being hardened. What chance have we when one turns into 800 and 800 turns into 640,000 and so on? Dr. Wright has done all of us a great wrong, a dangerous wrong. People have been known to riot, destroy property, assault and murder over racial hatred.

Obama’s declaration that he will unite is a vapor, thin and disappearing. Of all the pastors he could have chosen in America, he chose this one and stuck with his decision for twenty years. Now that he has admitted hearing his pastor make these kinds of statements, why has he stayed there? Why wasn’t he appalled or at least have enough integrity to find a place better suited to his own values. I suspect that these are his values and he is very comfortable there. The church is made of a pastor and a congregation. One has to be comfortable with the congregation as much as the pastor. Obama has been comfortable among this one, who we see jumping to their feet, smiling, clapping, responding with enthusiasm to Wright/Wrong’s message. I know I would have felt terrible and left and never returned. Obama felt no compulsion to remove himself or his family and never return.

Obama tried another tactic. He listed all the “good” things this pastor has done over the years. I’d like to remind everyone that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorists groups that murder innocent people of all ages, BUT they build hospitals and schools and give cash to families. Does that prove that they are good people and give us a reason to “overlook” their snippets? I don’t buy it. Water is good for us, but put one drop of poison in it and it must be avoided. Wright/Wrong is poisoned and he is poisoning others.

I got the feeling that Obama was trying to change the focus to conservatives. By no stretch of the imagination can any conservative be blamed for any of this. Obama sounded like a partisan conniver at that point. He left his lofty non-partisan campaign speech because he was in the hot seat. Conservatives and Republicans have their feet held to the fire, whether they deserve it or not, but there’s a double standard for Democrats and liberals. The tiniest thing is a big deal resulting in resignation for anyone on the right. But the Democrats make lame excuses for the likes of Dr. Wright/Wrong.

I couldn’t help noticing that Obama described his life completely opposite to the description Wright/Wrong gave. Has Obama never corrected the good Dr. Wright/Wrong before now? Perhaps he didn’t because it served his purposes in some circles.

I hope this blog is planted and yields 640,000+ more educated citizens – educated in the truth.


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