GREEN BACKS – March 17, 2008

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“It’s the economy, stupid!” was a phrase coined by James Carville and posted on the wall in Bill Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Little Rock during the 1992 presidential election. Talking down the economy, using the “R” word (recesssion) and convincing people that they really had it bad, was a winning strategy for Bill Clinton. Four years later, he didn’t see the need for that slogan or the “R” word, instead adopting the strategy of “Bridge to the Twenty-first Century”. (In my opinion, it was the bridge to money – in his pocket.) Of course, he would not tell the country that there was a recession while he was president.

In 2000, Al Gore ran for president. What was he going to do? Say that Democrat President Bill Clinton had a recession and sinking eonomy during his second term? The D. Party would never stand for that.

In 2004, John Kerry ran against Bush, and as usual, the economy was in “recession”. The Democrat candidate set out to convince everyone that they were in dire straits. Funny how that only happens in election years when a Democrat wants to take the White House from a Republican.

2008 – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both talking the economy down and the “R” word is brought out again. Mark my words, if a Democrat wins the White House this year, there will be no talk of a recession or lagging economy in 2012’s election – unless, of course, there really is one and a Republican campaigns on it. That’s a distinct possibility since both Democrat candidates plan to raise our taxes until the government controls all the money that is made in this country. When the people can’t spend any money on goods or services because the government took it all in taxes, the economy will sink like a rock.

Every year that the Democrats talk the economy down, they hurt the stock market, which hurts retired seniors living on a fixed income derived from their investments in stocks, bonds and treasuries. When the Democrat candidates tell you how much they care about the plight of senior citizens and whether or not they have to decide between food and their medications, ask them why they talk the economy down and hurt those very people’s retirement income.

It’s an interesting phenomena that during each of these “recessions” and “sinking economies” and while seniors are choosing between food and medicine (according to Democrats), the candidates most concerned about the economy are draining it, raking in money hand over fist, and spending it like drunken sailors to get themselves in the White House. Once there, they are set for life, commanding exhorbitant fees for public speaking and book deals. They’ve spent multiple millions upon millions of your money promoting themselves and setting themselves up for a lucrative post-presidency life.

Some statistics for doubters:

Clinton Shatters Record for Fundraising, Edwards Also Passes 1st Quarter Benchmark, by Anne E. Komblut, Washington Post Staff Writer, Monday, April 2, 2007; Page A01

“Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) raised $26 million in the first quarter of the year, almost three times as much as any politician has previously raised at this point in a presidential election. The sums, though record-setting, represent only a portion of the tens of millions the candidates are expected to raise in what should be the most expensive presidential campaign in history. The reports required by federal law highlighted the intensity of the so-called MONEY PRIMARY. ‘We dramatically exceeded our goals and expectations, said Patti Doyle, Clinton’s campaign manager, who on Saturday issued a personalized last-minute fundraising pitch to donors….”

Obama, Clinton Surpass $100 million in Funds Raised, by Matthew Mosk and John Solomon, Washington Post, 01/01/2008

“Democrats Obama and Clinton each surpassed the $100 million fundraising mark for their presidential campaigns by year’s end, the first time two candidates have eclipsed that milestone before a single primary vote was cast….’It’s unprecedented’, said Mike Berman, a campaign veteran who organized fundraising for Walter Mondale’s campaign in 1974. ‘What we did, it’s not even relevant anymore. The amounts just keep growing. I don’t know if there is an upper limit.’

The previous fundraising record for the period was $8.9 million collected by then Vice President Al Gore in the first quarter of 1999.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) expected to report $6 million. Sen. Christopher Dodd (D) reported raising $4 million and Sen. Joseph Biden (D) predicted about $3 million. Clinton’s rivals said the figure ( of her money raised), while eye-popping, is not enough to shut out other contenders. Clinton spent more than $37 million to win reelection to the Senate last year.”

Race for the White House at

“Ron Paul raised $32.6 million and set a record for single-day fundraising on January 25, 2008 with $4.4 million from internet contributions. “

Add $millions more for all the other Republican, Democrat and Independent candidates.

Suffice it to say that adding all of these millions together equals a staggering amount of money DONATED, at a time when the Democrat politicians would have you believe that this economy is in a recession, too many people can’t find a job, people are loosing their homes, banks are failing (a few are, not a lot) and you will not make it unless Candidate X (D) gets in the White House.

Perhaps people are choosing between food and their politcal donations. Perhaps we should talk about how much money the musicians, movie stars and athletes are making in this economy. Where does that come from if everyone is going broke?


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