Obama Bashing is Bad – March 12, 2008

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Barak Obama doesn’t like anyone bringing up what he’s done or said. He calls it a “smear campaign”, even if it is true. That leaves only one option. Let him speak for himself. For that, we thankfully have You Tube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQr9ezr8UeA&feature=related “We’ve lost the drug war. I think we need to de-criminalize our marijuana laws but I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana. We need to rethink…” (My own thought: Maybe we’ve lost the drug war because of our open borders. How do we de-criminalize marijuana without making it legal?)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpBzQI_7ez8 “I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

http://blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2007/12/12/post_235.html DOVER, N.H. — Billy Shaheen, the co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire, raised the issue of Sen. Barack Obama’s past admissions of drug use.

In an interview, Shaheen said, he remains perplexed about why, at this fraught point in history, voters and the media are not giving more attention to experienced Democratic candidates such as Sens. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden and are instead elevating into the first tier alongside Clinton a pair of candidates with less experience in Washington, Barack Obama and John Edwards. Shaheen also expressed his personal misgivings about whether Obama or Edwards would be electable if they became the party’s nominee.

Among his concerns about Obama as the nominee, he said in an interview here today, is that his background is so relatively unknown and that the Republicans would do their best to unearth negative aspects of it, or concoct mistruths about it. Shaheen, a lawyer and influential state power broker, mentioned as an example Obama’s use of cocaine and marijuana as a young man, which Obama has been open about in his memoir and on the trail.

(“Republicans would do their best to …concoct mistruths about it.” Mr. Shaheen, Republicans don’t need to concoct mistruths about it. Mr. Obama has written about his drug use in his book, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.)

“The Republicans are not going to give up without a fight … and one of the things they’re certainly going to jump on is his drug use,” said Shaheen, the husband of former N.H. governor Jeanne Shaheen, who is planning to run for the Senate next year. Billy Shaheen contrasted Obama’s openness about his past drug use — which Obama mentioned again at a recent campaign appearance in New Hampshire — with the approach taken by George W. Bush in 1999 and 2000, when he ruled out questions about his behavior when he was “young and irresponsible.”

Shaheen said Obama’s candor on the subject would “open the door” to further questions. “It’ll be, ‘When was the last time? Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone?'” Shaheen said. “There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. It’s hard to overcome.”

So far, the only people talking about Obama’s use of marijuana and cocaine are Obama, Shaheen in Hillary’s campaign, Democratic Black Leaders, David Letterman and the very few news media who happen to back Hillary. I’ve heard no Republicans speak of it at all. I’m writing about it here because I resent the charges that it is Republicans spreading a smear campaign. They are not. And it is the truth, not smear.

http://embeds.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/01/13/bet-founder-clinton-backer-insulte… Black leader may have referred to Obama’s drug use in his speech.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUze-oYsswI&feature=related “I would not have the Justice Dept. prosecute…medical marijuana. It’s not a good use of our resources.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L21sqC-6BU&feature=user Obama appeals to the youngest voters who are hoping for a change.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGzHgcrK75c&feature=related Obama’s Drug Policy; Send police into communities before there is a crime…. “There does appear to be a racial component to the arrest, conviction, prosecution rates…an American issue…We gotta have a president, justice department and civil rights division that is willing to enforce the law equally…”

http://www.youtube.com/user/CamPain2008 What were they smoking? Another parady.

To leave on an upbeat note – “Rock Star for President”


If Obama is not elected President, I predict we will see him next on “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol”.


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