“Reach Across the Aisle” – March 11, 2008

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Photo: Russ Feingold (D) and John McCain (R)

January 9, 2008, John McCain spoke at a campaign rally in central Michigan.

“I’m going to raise the level of politcal dialog in America, and I’m going to treat my opponents with respect and demand that they treat me with respect.

Well, good luck with that, Mr. McCain. Many before you have tried it. That was a goal of George W. Bush, who actually invited Sen. Ted Kennedy to the White House to watch a movie. He allowed Kennedy to kraft the education bill, and guess what? The Democrats are all blasting “Bush’s No Child Left Behind Bill”.…

The link above is the National Education Assocation’s official website. Here they acknowledge and praise Ted Kennedy’s co-authorship of the No Child Left Behind Act, discussing the law’s weaknesses, with Kennedy’s promise to continue to improve it.

Who’s taking the beating over it? George Bush. Kennedy’s name never comes up in a negative light. So go ahead, Mr. McCain, give it your best shot.

McCain continued, “We’re going to get a dispute and a debate done, but in a respectful fashion.”

OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Mr. McCain, unless you have a clone on the Senate floor, YOU are KNOWN for screaming, red-faced, at people who disagree with you, using horrific four-letter expletives and words I would not care to express here, or anywhere else for that matter. No semblance of respect in the way you screamed at your own party member, Sen. John Cornyn of Houston, TX, for instance. Maybe you meant that you would treat Democrats with respect, but you’re making no promises to Republicans?

“And I know how to reach across the aisle (to Democrats),” McCain said, “and I’ll ask you to tell them to reach across the aisle to me.” (“ask you to tell them to reach across”….What? Someone else must tell them….I don’t get it.) How is that supposed to work? The last couple of Congress’ have seen rancor and dirty tricks by the Democrats, even though John McCain was in there with his hand across the aisle to them. He did make it into the Gang of 14 and boy, they accomplished a lot – or did they?

Obama has campaigned heavily on reaching across the aisle, governing in a bipartisan way and uniting the country. One of his supporters was asked why she supported Obama and her answer was, “Because he has united this country.” Oh, really? When did that happen? Some of his supporters think that all he has to do is say something and it’s already done. They never ask him how he will do it and he never gives specific plans. But he isn’t talking about moving to the position of the other side of the aisle. He is talking about them joining him.

When Bush and McCain say they intend to reach across the aisle, they mean they are willing to compromise Republican principles and give in to the Democrats. And they have done so.

When Democrats say they will reach across the aisle or across party lines, they mean they will try to get Republicans to compromise their principles and join Democrats.

The Democrats have NO INTENTIONS of compromising with the Republicans. They aren’t willing to budge an inch.

It’s been said before, but I want to re-iterate: DEFEAT THOSE WHO OPPOSE WHAT WE BELIEVE. Obviously, we believe we are right. Otherwise, we would change our minds and take another view. It serves no purpose to cave in and vote for something you don’t believe is right.

We don’t want our elected officials to forget who they were elected to serve or who voted for them. If you are more interested in getting votes from the Democrats and Independents, than, please feel free to join that party. We don’t want anyone in the Republican Party, who is running as our candidate, to work hard to please Democrats and Independents and leave Republicans without representation.


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