Eight Teens Killed in Jerusalem Religious School – March 07, 2008

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A gunman went into the crowded library at the Mercaz Harav seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle killing eight teens and wounding nine, before another student, Yitzhak Dadon, shot him twice in the head, wounding him. An off-duty officer who heard the shots ran in and killed the Palestinian, who had been living in East Jerusalem and carrying a blue Israeli ID card. The gunman had several clips of ammunition. A second gunman may have escaped and security has been raised in the surrounding areas.

About 80 students had been preparing for an upcoming Jewish holiday before the gunman ran in firing.

Witnesses say:

“We saw young guys, 15-, 16-year-old guys lying on the floor with their Bibles in their hands, all dead on the floor because the terrorist guys went inside the place and killed those eight or nine young guys who were only here learning in Jerusalem.”


“The whole building looked like a slaughterhouse,” Dadon told the Associated Press news agency. “The floor was covered in blood. The students were in class at the time of the attack.

“The floors are littered with holy books covered in blood.”

Some Israelis have called for peace talks with Palestine to end, but Israeli officials say they will continue.

The Palestinian Hamas movement hailed the attack as “heroic” as hundreds of people poured into the streets of Gaza to celebrate the shootings.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned his Hamas rivals – who are in control of Gaza – for hailing the attack.

President Bush led “a global chorus of outrage” Thursday at what he called a “barbaric and vicious attack” on a Jerusalem school, while foes of the Middle East peace process rejoiced. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Britain, France, the European Union, Canada, Israel and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas condemned the strike, while Bush assured Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of full U.S. support. (CNBC online)

But an emergency session of the UN Security Council failed to agree on a condemnation of the attack because Libya blocked it, objecting to the term “terrorist” being applied to the gunman. Libya was allowed to join the UN Security Council last year after the U.S. dropped its opposition. (CNBC online)

The article at the link below was posted Feb. 21, 2008 before the attack on the Jerusalem religious school. It’s clear that some recognize that a President Barak Obama would be hazardous to Israel and American citizens living in Israel. And it is prudent to recall that Barak Obama’s twenty-year pastor and close friend has visited Libya’s Khadafi with anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan. His sympathy with the Palestinians is well known.


While John McCain has not been the staunchest conservative, he is not sympathetic to terrorists.

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